The Mary Kay Marketing Plan: Success is just one Breakthrough Away with Online Mary Kay…

Mary Kay Marketing Plan
Mary Kay Marketing Plan

Mary Kay Marketing Plan

Why do we need a Mary Kay Marketing Plan?  The Facts…

So would we need a Mary Kay marketing plan, when women selling Mary Kay have been around for decades? Since 1963, women have been having “Mary Kay Parties”, giving “free facials”, and just having fun with it. Over the years, the Mary Kay foundation has been dedicated to donating to the couple of good causes, domestic abuse and women’s cancers. Including makeup, fragrance, men’s products and body products, Mary Kay Cosmetics is the makeup line associated with the Mary Kay business opportunity. Yes, that’s right…it’s another MLM, which is why so many people get discouraged, and even accuse the selling Mary Kay folks of scamming! However, selling Mary Kay doesn’t mean that you’re destined to fail at the bottom of a “pyramid”, even though the facts show that the company Mary Kay does make billions off of women who are hopeful, but can least afford it.


If you’re looking into this business venture, you will definitely want to consider the following seven facts:

• Mary Kay has been increasing in number of beauty consultants since its inception in 1963; however they don’t include numbers of women who have elected to be inactive.

• The idea of selling Mary Kay inspires 40,000 new sign-ups per month. • There are 700,000 beauty consultants in the US since 2006, remaining relatively stable.

• 41% of Mary Kay reps abandon their distributorship in the first year, and 69% terminate in the second year.

• 95% of those who call Mary Kay a scam are related to someone who failed to make it in Mary Kay

. Those of us who are familiar with marketing a multi-level company are aware that people who don’t make it in this industry fail to learn how to market themselves

. Poor marketing techniques is the primary reason why Mary Kay consultants experience negative struggles which lead to surrender.

The Reasons Why we Need a Mary Kay Marketing Plan…

So how could a company as strong as fantastic as Mary Kay leave so many unhappy quitters behind? The problem is that most women buy into hope, not realizing that they’re really buying into a business. Like any business, you need to spend money to make money. But who wants to lay out $10,000 for a possible net commission of $10 a week? Yes, the sad truth is that the average MLM distributor makes a commission of $10 per week or less. Success doesn’t come easy. Just like any other business, you need to apply yourself and invest both time and money. You are likely to hear that it’s easy when you approach your friends and family, and they can approach their friends, and so on. Don’t believe it…it’s not that easy. The cold reality is that no one cares about your products… people love to buy, but hate to be sold! So you’re like to be pitching until you turn yourself blue…and the more you pitch, the more frustrated you’ll get!  This is why we need an online Mary Kay marketing plan.

The Mary Kay Marketing Plan Online Success Formula…

Learning how to sell Mary Kay is literally at your fingertips. If you’re looking for the right Mary Kay marketing plan, then today is your lucky day! As it turns out, we can make the technology of today work in our favor! In fact, it may be the only alternative to loosing money as an entrepreneur in the 21st century. With the right tools and education, the internet can be your friend. The proper online marketing system can actually launch your business to where you’re earning over $500 per day and personally sponsoring recruited reps in your business on automatic pilot! Now is the time to stop laying out good money after bad on dead-beat leads and brochures. Stop chasing your friends and family to “do you a favor” and buy something out of your catalog.  Put a stop to the brick and mortar, and step into the practice of click and order!  Through the automated, duplicable blogging system, you can stop struggling today, and learn the art of attraction marketing.  That is, learn how to get Mary Kay buyers and potential reps to look for you!

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