The Difference Between Ducks and Eagles

What Qualities Do Eagles (Leaders) Have That Ducks (Followers) Don’t?


What's the Difference Between Ducks and Eagles?

What's the Difference Between Ducks and Eagles?

I just heard today an interesting description of the definition of a leader.  Does it have to do with their ability to speak in public well?  No.  Does it have to do with how loudly the person speaks and how well he’s heard?  No.  Does it have to do with his level of confidence?  Well, ultimately, but not necessarily at first.

It’s really quite simple.  Leaders see the big picture.  Let me explain.  Suppose you’re working for an airline and you feel that the airline attendant is rude to you and has no respect to your needs or desires.  The average person would not take that airline again…just because of that one person!  And I know from a personal experience with an office supply store where one person – just one – seemed to be impossible to deal with at the time.  Frankly, I don’t even remember what had gotten me so angry, but the point is that, even now, ten years later, I find myself throwing away coupons from that store because I have that “bad person memory” in my head!

See, here’s the thing:  A true leader personality, even if they’re presently working for a large company or corporation, sees the big picture.  They know that they don’t dare make the customers angry, because the customers won’t remember the one person or one negative situation, oh no, the customer will remember the whole company and hold a grudge and tell others about the bad experience for God knows how long!  A true leader is an Eagle at heart, with potential to soar about the clouds (as only Eagles do).  All the while, followers remain in the “grinding” stage of employment, stuck with the grub tasks, because they do not truly care about the system as a whole.  You know, those people who when asked for help say, “sorry, that’s not my department”.  They don’t see how the departments connect as a whole company, and they don’t see how impacting one person, either positive or negative, can lead to a multitude to either make or break a business.  That’s the difference between followers and leaders ….. that’s the difference between ducks and eagles.

Learn Your Eagle Leader Strengths with Online Marketing…

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Once you see the “big picture”, you can relax and allow your natural self to launch your business – just being you. The fastest way to becoming a leader is to simply believe that YOU ARE ONE, keeping in mind the needs of others before yourself.  To learn exactly how to develop the leadership skills you need in order to make it to the top, by surrounding yourself by the people that are already there Click here to learn more about joining a team who can pull you up and teach you exactly how to market your business online through the power of syndication with FaceBook and Twitter.  (You’ll need to click allow to watch the presentation.)

Network marketing is an exciting adventure to become the Eagle you were meant to be!


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