Amway Marketing Online: Will It Work For Your Business?

Amway Marketing Online– Today’s  Amway Marketing Technique

Amway Marketing Online

Amway Marketing Online

Everyone is asking about Amway marketing online .  Is it really possible for a company as old and established as Amway to “begin again” with a new online marketing strategy?   Here’s the thing:  Amway has been successful for decades using the “old school” marketing techniques.  You know, make a list of all your friends and family and get them excited about the business, yada, yada, yada.  And, if our world was the same as it was in the 60’s, then Amway online marketing wouldn’t be necessary.  But it’s not.  People don’t have the time to visit neighbors anymore or meet their friends in coffee shops, at least not on a regular basis.  But that’s not to say that humans are not still social animals.  We will respond to the same sales techniques, only we like to find them online.  People are hooking up with friendships, personal relationships and business links online.  Therefore, I do believe that if you don’t take your Amway marketing to the next level,  you will be left in the dust, as your competitors will find a way to market Amway online.

Your Blueprint to Amway Marketing Online:

First and foremost, learn to market yourself.  The experts will tell you that people join people, not opportunities.  That’s why the old strategy of talking to people who you know and who know you is such a success.  But what about marketing to people online who don’t know you?  That’s a little tricky, because the trick is to find a way to establish relationships with people who you don’t know.  The good news is that, when you use your Amway online marketing strategy in the right way, you will attract other network marketers.  It begins with educating yourself with the best online marketing techniques.  When you can get to the point where you have a system in place that is duplicable and you can teach to others, your prospects will be seeking you out.  Now you’ve become the Amway marketing consultant, not the Amway sales rep.

Although I can show you quite a few cost effective strategies to market online, it’s not completely free.  You will have to prepare to pay for marketing.  In the beginning, most of the cash outlay is for training, because who would want to follow anyone who doesn’t know what he’s doing?  You will also need to pay for advertising.  Although social networking is free, there are a lot of tricks to  the trade that people are using today to syndicate your content further, and you will need to keep up with the competition.  There is a minimal monthly expense for syndication.  While it is possible to syndicate your content without the aided tools, the rule of thumb is the less you pay financially, the more you’ll end up paying with your time.

Amway Marketing Online, Step by Step Instructions…

1.  An online marketing blog is a good beginning. Remember, you’re marketing yourself, so you need to get your name out there with all your content about what you know so people will want to follow you.  The decision of your success depends entirely on you and how much you are willing to put into it.  I strongly suggest a team blog, as it is already popular on Google and your blog posts will be much more likely to get noticed.

2.  Put valuable content on your blog.  You can learn more about copy writing secrets on this link.  As you educate yourself in this field, write about things you think other network marketers would be interested to know.  The more value you can provide to your reader, the more attractive you become and the more he will want to join you for your knowledge and leadership skills.  That’s what they call attraction marketing.

3.  Market your blog.  A blog sitting all by itself is no good unless someone can see it.  Social syndication is a great way to begin.  Blog plugins such as Onlywire is a great to get your content spread to several different social networking sites at once.  Simply take your page links and post them on your free Onlywire account.  I like to use article marketing as well.  The proper article marketing strategies can get your blog to rank on the first page of Google for certain keyword phrases.

The Benefits of Amway Marketing Online….

With the right tools and education, the internet can be your friend. With persistence, you can easily attain 20-30 leads per day, which equals 900 leads per month. By comparison, this makes that old school marketing technique of chasing your friends and family a little lame, doesn’t it? The bright side is that we can make the technology of today work in our favor.  In my opinion, it’s better to hop on the bandwagon so you’re not left behind. Otherwise, the technology of today’s world will be working against you!

And here’s another plus… when you get your team blog site up and running, you’ll be making 100% affiliate commissions just by promoting the blog site!  (That means that you’re out of the red and into the black with only one referral!)


Enjoy learning the tehnique of leading people to your website.  You can begin with an online marketing blog. Remember, although people hate to be sold, they love to buy! Your very own website could just be the answer once you decide to market online. CLICK HERE to learn how you can generate immediate cash in your account to help fund your Amway business.

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