Cutting Through the Crap: Is Earning Money Online Hard?

OK, let’s just cut through the crap about earning money online…


Learn to leverage your internet marketing success - click here!

Learn to leverage your internet marketing success – click here!

Have you ever watched a video that just says over and over…

“Just get this $500 product and you’re on your way to FREEDOM!”

And, well, technically, they’re right…

You’d be “on your way”…

But oh, that road to learning all the ways to make money online is SO LONG!

In fact, I remember when this young man in my downline sent me an email…

“I need to make money NOW, Nancy…

I’ll do anything!  Should I spend my last $500 and buy this?”

And actually, my response went something like – “it will help you, but make sure you go through the lower levels first and understand and learn because learning ways to make money online is all a process”.

So you can imagine my surprise when he did DECIDE TO BUY!

And, while I was happy to have gotten the $500 commission and even though I was actually earning money online…

…. A little part of me secretly felt bad…

Because I REALLY wanted to HELP HIM.

And I remember when I FIRST watched that expensive training course… It was like Greek to me!

I hadn’t learned yet about back-linking or Fiverr or Jing or Warrier, so I was so overwhelmed!

And that’s the problem that most people have with earning money online…

There are so many things to learn, that people try to do it all at once, and get overwhelmed in the process.  When they don’t see any results in the first 30 days, they quit.  They think, “I opted into this program for “easy ways to make money online”, but this is NOT EASY!

If only I had THIS SYSTEM to share with the young man I wanted to help two years ago!

I remember a day when I shared a team hangout with my list…

… I later watched that hangout was sorry I shared it because everyone on the team was acting like THEY were better than everyone else..

You’ve heard it before, “MY results aren’t typical because I’M not typical”…

Makes you wanna just puke, doesn’t it?

People don’t want to hear about how the ELITE SPECIAL people get to go on yachts and live the high life…

They want to know what do we have that can help THEM.  When are they gonna just make a system that’s GEARED TO HELP THE LITTLE GUY?

Spoiler alert….. IT’S HERE.

I actually talk more about it on my recent blog post

And, that post, although only posted a few days ago, does not include my testimonial results.  The reason why is because this new system just launch Monday of this week, and traffic within the system started running only yesterday…

new_members_7-31-14x300AND, so far I’ve seen 21 automatic signups on link within the past 12 hours!email_signups_7-31-14

Amazed, I went into the back office and counted the number of leads that this kick-ass traffic of theirs produced – 128 leads.  I calculated this to be a 16% conversion from lead to sale!  FYI, that’s ALWAYS BEEN UNHEARD OF in the industry for earning money online!

How can YOU start earning money online?

 Simply go through the six steps within the system.  (Be patient, as it just launched, and they’re still working on it.)  The video training in the first 5 steps will walk you though and show you how to get setup to start earning money online.

And, they have a 24 hour chat line to help you out if you don’t understand something.

A recent hangout revealed their mission in wanted to ultimately install “” in the system so technical assistants can actually screen share with you and show you what to do.

I’m here to help you…

… because I KNOW how tough it can be to earn money online…

Or, that is, how tough it USED TO BE!

The wait for freedom is over, because IT’S HERE!

money guarantee


Please leave your comments below – I’m here to help you, as my vision is the same as Angela and Jordan’s vision (I’m Angela’s Mom)… we want to help EVERYONE earn money online!

Getting Paid Traffic That Converts: The Truth

Did you ever notice that getting paid traffic that converts requires a LOT of loss before you “strike oil”?

money lossI started marketing online shortly after my daughter took the lead, as I was inspired by her quick success.  But she actually started her online ventures by building a fan page on Facebook and positioning herself as a leader (before she really was).

And that’s really how most of us get our start – we “pretend” to be the expert.  The reason why Angela’s success skyrocketed is because she actually SAW herself as the expert.  Most of us do NOT.

It actually takes either a really good actress OR getting paid traffic that converts to become successful on the internet…

But here’s the issue with that:  First, most of us aren’t good actors or actresses.  In fact, most of us have trouble just cutting a simple video and uploading to YouTube.

By the way, if you DO have the courage to record yourself on video, you’re half way there.. Because most people don’t.  In fact, it took me the first two years hiding behind a PowerPoint screen presentation before I actually had the courage to put myself out there.

And, by the way, if you’re looking into getting paid traffic that converts FOR REAL, it’s wise to pay attention to people who ARE putting their faces on the internet.  Those people are the true leaders.

But let’s get back to my daughter’s success and how she discovered the best paid traffic…

After attending several on-site internet marketing training retreats and getting to know some leaders in the industry personally, she was told time and time again that getting paid that converts is where the money’s at.

Make’s sense, doesn’t it?  Who wouldn’t want to invest a dollar and get back $1.50?  Then, you simply scale up.. You take that 50 cent profit and but more traffic – until and your online earnings shoot through the roof!

Sounds simple … doesn’t it?

Here’s the rub…

Angela spent OVER $40,000 using the trial and error method to find the right paid traffic that converts!

Click this image to discover how we can help YOU!

Click this image to discover how we can help YOU!

No wonder so many people out there call internet marketing a scam!!  Of course, in her opinion, that $45,000 she “wasted” was more of an “investment” than her college education.

And people DO spend that much for college.  And when they graduate?  Some are working for minimum wage just to get buy until they find the “job of their dreams”… (Does that REALLY exist anymore?).

In her opinion, that $45,000 was an “investment”, because, through trial, error, and spending thousands on marketing training courses, she did FINALLY discover the secret… paid traffic that converts!



Do the money dance with us!

Do the money dance with us!




Fortunately for the rest of us, unlike most internet marketers, she is NOT just keeping the best paid traffic for herself!  You can actually witness her video on this presentation where she explains to you EXACTLY WHY she can GUARANTEE you’ll make money with this system… or she’ll PAY YOU! 

Some might look at that and think it’s a scam – because who would REALLY be that generous?  But this is my daughter, and I KNOW HER.  And, I’m SO PROUD of what she’s doing to change the world and the entire internet marketing industry!

Online Recruiting Solutions: The Network Marketer’s Miracle


If you’suckerre a network marketing searching the web for online recruiting solutions, I get where you are with your business.  I’ve been there!   It seemed like only yesterday when I was figuring  how many people I would need in my downline just to make $500 a month!


However, recruitment software solutions does not work for every company out there.  Most will involve membership into another program.  And then there’s the problem with wondering if your network marketing company will accept a system to promote online.

You would like that they’d jump at the chance.  However, many companies will terminate your contract because they feel it’s a “conflict of interest” that you now have another way to make money.  Go figure.

But if you’re looking for online recruiting solutions, you’ll need to follow this formula…

1)      Get a system with an irresistible front end offer. 

If you’re unfamiliar with a funded proposal, the idea is to grab attention with an irresistible offer.  While you might be able to sign Grandma into your opportunity, you’ll be having a much harder time grabbing the attention of “cold traffic”.  In other words, people who don’t know you from Adam need a REASON to click on your offer.

Trust me – I couldn’t even get my FRIENDS to click on my opportunity link online – even when they wanted to buy stuff from me!  “Oh, just order it and bring it to me next week”, they’d say.

Hence, the need in the industry for online recruiting solutions!

So what reason do people need to click on your offer?  There are only two reasons why people go to the internet and enter their “keywords” to search:  They need to alleviate pain or gain pleasure.

Your offer needs to be something that grabs attention and makes them FEEL THE NEED to click and find out more.

For example, you might have landed on this post because you went to Google and typed in “recruitment software solutions”, and that’s how you landed on this post.

2)      Use you blog to establish an emotional connection with your reader.

A personal experience of your own or someone you know is best.  When you can post pictures of how your product or service has helped other people, suddenly your product because attractive to the masses.

Videos work great to establish a connection.  People will get to know, like and trust you just from watching your videos.  So you’ll wind up receiving automatic orders from people you don’t know – although, in their mind, they DO know YOU.

3)       Have an email auto responder follow-up system in place.

On average, people need to be approached with the same idea seven times before even thinking about buying.  Seven time?  OMG!  How could anyone be THAT much of a nag in person?!

But with an automatic response email system, technology does it for you.

While this “3-step formula” might sound confusing to the newbie network marketer, it might interest you to know that, JUST RECENTLY, this brand new “online recruiting solutions system has launched…

…(2 days ago from the time this is written). 

money danceIt has all three of the above mentioned formula steps in place at the push of a button.  If you want to learn how to market online, we’re here to help you learn.  If you don’t, just plug into the system and let them do the work for you.  (Even the auto-responder for this system is optional!)

Plug into the high quality traffic sources that the system provides, and watch the magic begin. 

The first test run revealed 188 customer sign-ups inside of 60 HOURS!  With COLD TRAFFIC? 

That’s UNHEARD OF in our marketplace!

Click THIS LINK to learn more about what this online recruiting solutions system can do for you! (For additional information, click this link to access a recent google hangout.)

How to Develop Positive Mental Attitude Through the Power of Habits

habits of the millionaire

Learning how to develop a positive mental attitude is something that definitely needs to be cultivated over time through the power of habits….

… And, sometimes we need to remind ourselves that “power habits” is key to success…

For example, the other day I was asked if I could complete a particular task.  I knew I’d done it before and could probably figure it out, but my psyche resorted to the “old habitual way” of responding… “I could try, but I’m usually not very good at that stuff”.

This was a long time embedded BAD habit of mine, with the philosophy that I could make a bigger impression on folks if I gave the illusion that I didn’t know what I was doing…

… In fact, if you can believe it, I used to even tell prospective bosses the stuff I could NOT do…

… NOT a good idea!

Unfortunately, I’d kept that philosophy for years, NEVER KNOWING how it was keeping me back from knowing how to develop positive mental attitude, and hence, keeping from achieving success.

“The second half of a man’s life is made up of nothing but the habits he has acquired during the first half.” - 
Feodor Dostoevski: Russian novelist, short story writer, essayist, journalist and philosopherFeodor Dostoevski quote habits

Realizing the bad habits I’d created in the first half of my life has made me now DETERMINED to learn how to develop positive mental attitude in the later half.

Tony Robbins teaches that developing “power habits” through incantations can really help you achieve success through positive mental attitude.  Why develop power habits?  Because you want MORE out of life ….  NOT what you’ve always gotten.

(You can learn more from my recent post about Tony’s “incantations technique” for hTony Robbins quote - always doneow to develop positive mental attitude.)

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” Tony Robbins

Tony began shaping his own destiny when he happened to pick up a little booklet, “The Seven Day Mental Diet”, wherein he discovered the secrets to positive mental attitudes.

The idea, however so simple, is profound, and a bit challenging.

But if you can do it – it will change your life forever.

Having said that, I would like to note the following 5 rules for “how to develop positive mental attitude”…

  1.  Commit to never saying anything negative for seven days.

Of course, that’s impossible to not slip on this one!  You stub you toe and you say a four-letter word.  Happens all the time.  But the idea here is to simply BE AWARE of what you’re saying, and then quickly say “I didn’t mean that”, or “cancel” – out loud if you can.

  1.  Commit to an attitude of curiosity rather than judgment.

Too many of us tend to judge others to make us feel better about ourselves.  Oddly enough, that really only makes you feel better for a very short time.  If you can look at the jerk to just cut you off in differ light, “I wonder what’s going on in his life to make him that angry”… you begin feeling TRULY GOOD about yourself on the long-term.

  1.  Commit to find something good about someone and get in the habit of giving complements. 

This turns the focus away from YOU and onto someone who you like – and as a result, you feel GRATITUDE.  The feeling of gratitude is the most powerful feeling in the Universe to stimulate positive mental attitudes.

  1.  Decide “not to be perfect”.

Overachievers who really strive for perfection have a problem with this one.  But think about it.  If you’re too caught up in appearing perfect to the rest of the world, then you’ll never even try.  No one gets it right the first time – no matter what “it” is.  When you’re OK with simply being yourself and not caring what others think – that’s when you become a real inspiration to the rest of the world.

  1.  Have faith. 

The power of intention has miraculous strength.  Once you BELIEVE, you can ACHIEVE!

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” ... Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”

I’m finding that the EASIEST WAY to change my old bad habits into new “power habits” has to do with listening to powerful audio recordings every day.

Weird brain tricks work on your subconscious to make you happier and more successful

Weird brain tricks work on your subconscious to make you happier and more successful – CLICK THIS IMAGE TO LEARN HOW!


This is not only the easiest, but also the MOST EFFECTIVE way for how to develop positive mental attitude!

That old adage “it’s not what you know it’s who you know” is true – but not because the people you know give you a leg up in business.  It’s because, when you hang around with people who possess real “power habits”, then this raises your own interpersonal standards and you start possessing the same habits yourself.

I no longer live paycheck to paycheck working at a job where I’m under-qualified, because I’d learned to have confidence in myself and carry myself with authority.

When I listen to the inner circle audio series on a daily basis, it’s really surprising how this actually “tricks my brain” to thinking in an attitude for success.

Real Ways to Earn Money Online: The Real Truth About Internet Marketing

real truth


Have you heard that the failure rate among internet marketers these days is 70%?  That includes ANYONE selling their stuff online!

That’s a frightening statistic, isn’t it?  I mean, you work and invest your money for months on end, and you only have a 30% chance of making ANYTHING?


Actually, there are good reasons for this, which is my reason for outlining a “making money online review”. 

First of all, the average personal actually isn’t even interested in “real ways to earn money online”…


Well, I heard an interesting quote today….

“The second half of a man’s life is made up of nothing but the habits he has acquired during the first half.”  - Feodor Dostoevski: Russian novelist, short story writer, essayist, journalist and philosopher

The thing is, we’re all creatures of habit; and, if you haven’t been REALLY DETERMINED to change your habits into power habits, then it’s way too easy to fall into the idea of “this isn’t for me”, or “I could never learn this stuff”.

As frightening as that quote might be, it’s actually true.  People who make money online from blogging are EXTREMELY PERSISTENT – and, they have a STRONG BELIEF in outcome. 

This is why personal development is really number one in discovering real ways to make money online.

But it’s really not all YOUR fault – there’s also a real failure among the industry in general.

Here’s the thing about real ways to earn money online…

Blogging is the easiest way to advertise your business online

Blogging is the easiest way to advertise your business online

Learning how to make money from blogging is fairly new in the industry – and well, you know, anything that’s new is bound to start off on the wrong foot.

We all heard a couple of years ago that the way to make more money online is to simply “become the expert”.

“Become the expert”?  Yeah, right, like that’s gonna happen amongst 99% of the people out there trying their best to learn how to make money blogging

We all heard about attraction marketing and when you become the expert, people from all over the globe will want to follow you and buy stuff from you.

And, of course, that’s true.  But think about it.  When you are looking into real ways to make money online, how willing are YOU to spend four years investing in your products while you’re learning to “become the expert”?

Hence, this has created a generation of internet liars.  Everyone out there is PRETENDING that THEY are the expert! 

But wait!  There’s more…

To add insult to injury, most of us were taught to follow up with our email list and just BLAST THE CRAP out of them with the SAME “compelling” sales video – over and over and over and over – until, well… EVENTUALLY they either unsubscribe or BUY!

And, while that may have worked a couple of years ago, buy now people are just numb to that same old crap they’re seeing on the internet. 

Aren’t YOU just sick and tired of all those pop-over sales gimmick pages?

So the result is that your open rates on your email blasts go down to about 1-2%.  This means that, if you have 1000 people on your list, then you might get 20 people opening, and out of those 20, you’ll get maybe one person to click on your offer. 

And what do you think the chances are that one guy will BUY from YOU?  Exactly!

So, having said all that, the internet marketing industry is now making a real come-back with REAL ways to earn money online …. 

Today’s message is to be yourself, and allow people be become attracted to you NATURALLY, while you leverage the success of other until you build your own.


Click here to get on my list to learn more about the upcoming "big idea" for groundbreaking internet marketing!

Click here to get on my list to learn more about the upcoming “big idea” for groundbreaking internet marketing!

But the “best system to make money online” is yet to come…

There’s a brand new really cool system to make money that’s geared to help the average person just starting out.  And, the reason I’m so excited about it, is because it means brand new people will be able to get results before they even understand marketing!

I really can’t say anything more about it because I’m sworn to secrecy at this time, but if you click here and get on this special list, you’ll be one of the first to learn about how the system works just before we launch!

This is only one of the neat ways our team of online entrepreneurs is helping to empower the average person just learning real ways to earn money online

While you may have to wait to learn more about the “best system to make money online”, if you’re anything like me, you don’t “do wait” LOL. 

In the meantime, just enjoy this video presentation by one of our top team producers and discover the system that so many are using these days to make money online blogging and start your venture of learning real ways to earn money online today!

Selling Stuff Online to Make Money: Is It Advisable In Today’s Economy?

Selling stuff online… Is it advisable in today’s economy?


Learn to leverage your internet marketing success - click here!

Learn to leverage your internet marketing success – click here!

Many people are afraid to jump into a business opportunity to proclaims an easy way of selling stuff online because… well, just look at the economy!  Is NOW really a time for taking risks?

Here’s a fact that might interest you…

Even though there are currently less people overall buying stuff in general, there are ACTUALLY MORE people buying stuff online!  In fact, if you’re looking into getting into a business opportunity right now, it could just be the best time ever, depending on the opportunity.

 Having said that, why are people so afraid of taking risks for online opportunities?

Here’s the thing:  When internet marketing first became big, the idea was to become the leader, so it was imperative to LEARN how to make money selling online before you could even be a player in the ball game! 

So when I first started learning how to make money online selling stuff, I actually copied scripts from videos that other leaders were putting out there – and it was a “fake it till you make it” frenzy all over the internet!  It wasn’t just me, of course, everyone did it!

And when you combine all the fakers out there with the “internet scams” – it’s enough to really turn off the target market!  We’re numb it all the hype – it’s time to cut it out already!

I know I click away whenever I see a “No money down and make $1000 your first week” scam.  Don’t you?

But let’s just put all the scam artists on the shelf for the time being and get real for ways of selling stuff online to make money…

selling stuff online

You will get further in the long run by just being YOU, rather than faking it.

It’s been proven by now that faking it DOES NOT work in the long haul.  You might get a couple of automatic signups, but you’ll never be able to build a team of loyal people who trust you.

AND, it’s really the money generated by your team that builds your residual income.

“RESIDUAL income?”, you say… Yeah, that’s right, you can actually build residual income while you’re selling stuff online to make money.

So now that I have your attention, let me give you a true to life example…

There’s a guy I know that got his start by creating affiliate accounts with big vendors like Amazon and then posted reviews on his blog for that specific product.  (He’s make over a million dollars selling stuff online to make money.)

Think about it:  If you’re just thinking about buying something huge like a TV or computer, don’t you want to find honest reviews on this product online?

If you’ve used the product before, why not find a way to cash in on extra income selling it?  And, exactly HOW do you do that for selling stuff online?

Four things –

1)      Get your affiliate link setup with the vendor who offers the product you know about.

2)      Get a blog setup where you can offer anything for sale that you want.  (Be careful here, not all blogs are the same; some put limitations on your traffic, and others put limitations on what to sell online to make money.)

3)      Do a little keyword research to discover what keywords people are searching for on Google pertaining to this product.

4)       Write a review on your blog – and put in the keyword phrases or “tags” so Google will find it and your post will be ranking on Google.

Each “review” you do on that item or another item is a separate “post”.  And each post has additional potential to rank on Google to bring more traffic your way.

And you’re probably thinking now, “But what about the residual income?”  Of course, you’ll only get a small commission from vendors like Amazon, so that’s really on the “bait” to get people on your blog.

only $25

Click here to learn how YOU can make 100% commissions online


Your ultimate aim is to have a “back end” offer. …

Something like this blogging system for only $25.  Thousands of people using this platform are finding that it’s, hands down, THE only system to use for selling stuff online to make money. 

Click here to learn more details about how our team of online entrepreneurs can help you get started in the right direction.

Is Taking Risks in Business Really Necessary? Real Life Testimonies

Taking risks in business?   Why would I want to do that?

take risksIn my younger years, I never EVER thought about taking a risk.  In fact, after graduating from vet-tech school in college, many of my classmates were telling me the program was so new that Florida jobs would only pay minimum wage.  Many of my friends from that class decided to move north to where the job market was better. 

But not me.  Why would I want to take a risk of moving to new area and getting to know new friends and move away from my family where it was “safe”?

The result?  After working the only job I could find in the area – a graveyard shift night clinic – for two years with no raise or room for improvement, my husband talked me into finding a day job for the sake of our relationship.

That’s when I found myself, as a college graduate, working a cash register at Eckerd Drugs.

Of course, my Dad felt bad for me and hired me to work for him – which is where I attained my typing skills.  But ten years later, I was still making $145 a week.  “I’ll just probably be working for Dad forever” I told people back in the day….

… Not realizing that to get ahead with ANY kind of career, taking risks in business is essential.

When Dad’s heath and financial condition was headed for a crash and burn, I started my own “secretarial business”.  And, although was I able to get a decent following of recurrent customers, I was told I should invest in some modern equipment.  The internet was just now coming into play, and I would have to get a modem and a better fax machine.

But why would I want to do that?  I was a single Mom at the time and just trying to make ends meet.

The result?  Yeah, you guessed it … I lost my customers to other suppliers with better equipment.

So I spent the next two decades working a low pay administrative job that any high school grad could have landed. 

But now that I’m grown, I’m watching my daughter skyrocket in her online business and I have to ask myself… why wasn’t I willing to take risks?

Fortunately, my daughter is not at all like me and has always welcomed the opportunity for taking risks in business…

angie in CR on beachx260For example, when did decided to adamant conviction that she wanted to make money online and be her own boss, she didn’t bat an eye or think twice about spending $3000 for individual training and flying to Costa Rica for the retreat “Mastermind” course.  (see her picture from Costa Rica to the left.)

And HER result?  She’s now making between $20,000 and $50,000 PER MONTH with the online system she was introduced to three months later by the same man who trained her.  (The result is her picture below.)

Of course, she was privy to this inside information because he was one of the few who decided to take a risk and fly off to a foreign land to learn something new.angie on stage

 Another attendee at that course has since made over a million dollars with this same system – but he didn’t just “dip his toe” in the opportunity.  He took risks – and taking responsible risks is the secret for success in business.

But you need focus – you don’t want to spend “willy-nilly” on every shiny bulb that passes without really taking full advantage of that thing you spent the money on.

For example, most of us who sent thousands of dollars on a college education can’t remember one thing they really learned that’s benefiting them in their job today.

We think, “As long as I get my degree, that’s all I really need”… but the reality these days is that really isn’t enough.  And in truth, it wasn’t even enough 40 years ago.  Sometimes I wonder, “How different would my life be now, had I decided to take a risk and move out of town.  How different would my life be if I decided to take a risk and invest in my secretarial business?

I recently witnessed successful people like my daughter who have invested wisely in the education they need – not what’s gonna get the degree, but give really valuable education – and making wise decisions for taking responsible risks, like invested in the kinds of products that are income generating….

… THOSE are the people who become successful.  In truth, if you’re going into business for yourself, you MUST THINK like an entrepreneur before you are one. 

And now, after living paycheck to paycheck for decades, I’ve finally learned the hard way that the greatest risk in life is not taking one.

My hope for you today is that you, too, have learned from my past mistakes. 

Thanks to this system, I’ve learned to think more like an entrepreneur and have decided to go “all in” on a business that’s ready to explode.  I know this because my daughter gets the most updated information from serious software developers in the industry.  There’s even a way now to buy traffic through the system – just in case you don’t know what you’re doing with getting your own leads.

 “Being cheap will keep you broke” is a quote from Rob Fore, one of the successful millionaires within the system.  I now plan on rising to the top, too – by following the steps within the program and committing to taking risks in business that I need to take for advancement.  Are you with me?  Click here to learn more about what our team of entrepreneurs can do for you.


Nancy Harnell, EzineArticles Platinum Author
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