How to Achieve Goals: Law of Attraction 4-Step Formula

how to achieve goalsEveryone wants to know how to achieve goals, although many of us our sabotaged by our own limiting beliefs.  This post will help you get your focus and keep it, simply by following these four steps based on the Law of Attraction, as outlined by one of Bob Proctor’s seminars.

How to Achieve Goals Step 1 – Make sure you have a CLEAR goal.

It’s critical that you’re clear of where you’re going.  Write it down.  Get your pen in hand, and write down one or more (could be several) goals you would like to achieve by the end of the year.  Can’t think of anything?  That’s your first problem! 

Many of us don’t have a clue what we want because we won’t allow ourselves to dream.  We’re held back by thoughts given to us at an early age, and those thoughts are “stuck” in our subconscious minds. 

“Money doesn’t grow on trees you know”… we hear it, we remember it, we believe it.  And, although money doesn’t grow on trees, it is abundant and ready to come your way just as soon as you let go of your limiting beliefs. 

Be sure to make your goal specific… the more specific, the better.  If you say, “I’d like more money”, what is that?  Would an extra dollar bill make you feel warm and fuzzy?   You’re worth more… state out EXACTLY what you want and when you want it.

How to Achieve Goals Step 2 – Put you focus on to achieve goals

Give freely – not to get, but to become a better person. Focusing on yourself will limit your abundance. 

Once you have your goal written out – read it daily and then let it go.  Instead of “trying so hard” by working to achieve your goals, put your focus on others. 

“The way to achieve your goals is to help other people get what they want first”…. Zig Zigler

When you put your focus on others, something very interesting happens:  You not only get what you want, but more than you thought was even possible!  This is also the key to happiness, with the assumption that attaining extreme wealth is a goal for you.  People who have achieved financial success but have no deep personal relationships tend to become dissatisfied fast with their lives.

But if you have built relationships with those around you as you help the people you care about get what they want, your life becomes very gratifying.

how to achieve goalsHow to Achieve Goals Step 3 – Gratitude

And that leads us to step 3 – gratitude.  Next to love, gratitude is the highest level of vibration on the “Secret” scale (based on Rhonda Byrne’s book, “The Secret”).

If you’re not familiar with “The Secret”, our emotions emit vibrations, and higher vibrations are likely to bring us more of what we want, based on quantum physics.

The reason why gratitude brings such high vibrations is that it’s impossible to feel true gratitude for anything without bringing about a feeling a joy.  That pure feeling of joy is exactly what you’re looking for!

It’s important here to point out that you can’t just force yourself to feel gratitude for the purpose of getting what you want.  It’s really all about putting the focus on others.  Remember what Zig Zigler said?  “Help others get what THEY want FIRST”… and that’s the conundrum.  Most people will want to satisfy their own needs and wants first.  But when you can put your own needs aside and really put your focus on others, that’s when the magic happens.

How to Achieve Goals Step 4 – Unwavering faith
how to achieve goals

Most of us lead our lives as we plow through worry, doubt and fear.  


This is probably the most important step towards achieving your goals.  Remember the “Secret scale” and the vibration effect that gratitude has?  Worry is at the other end!  Worry is a type of fear.  If you’re worried about anything, you’re being fearful about a possible outcome.  And, fear is at the BOTTOM of the scale – even below hate!

If you’re worried about paying bills, setup a repayment plan and don’t focus on it. 

If you’re worried about keeping your job or finding a new one, try focusing on what to do to help possible employers in your area.  I once knew a man who found his dream job by volunteering his time with the owner of a small business. This not only gave him the job, but ultimately gave him the highest rank in that position…. and, years later, handed the business to him!

Your doorway to miracles is here for the taking.  Change in all of us is inevitable, so we must welcome change in the most positive form imaginable! As you continue to listen to audio recordings that heal your life, your mindset will begin to change, and you’ll begin to see how to achieve goals effortlessly, through the law of attraction.


How Does MLM Online Marketing Work?

mlm online

Can you sell your MLM product online?

Do MLM online systems work for products like Amway?  Well, I’ve created this page to help you understand exactly what marketing a product like Amway would entail when you take measures to sell online.

Let’s take MLM Online Marketing from the beginning….

Suppose you were the buyer on the other end.  Just imagine you were looking for the best price for Amway fish oil on the internet.  Thinking about myself here, if I set out to purchase Amway fish oil at the lowest price, I’d simply go to EBay.  Wouldn’t you?  Think of all the Amway dealers who just quit their opportunity (statistics say about 97%), and want to get rid of their products!

Hence, the reason why you can find many MLM products on EBay for less than the distributor’s cost.

But what about an “MLM Online Marketing System” to help promote your products?

That’s actually how I was first introduced to MLM online.  There was a “system” years ago that claimed they would provide you access to all the capture pages, sales pages and training for the “low cost” of only $50 per month.  Thousands were using this service; however, only a small handful of folks were able to get the damn thing to work.  The “system” itself was the funded proposal to draw hungry buyers.

How does the MLM online funded proposal work?mlm online

The idea with “MLM online” marketing is that you need a “funded proposal”.  This is something that “captures” the attention of the online visitor and promises an offer they can’t refuse.  

The idea behind the “MLM marketing system” I used to use is simply this:  You create a capture page that promises something for free; i.e., “put in your email address to learn why not all fish oils are the same”.  Then create a sales video explaining the difference.  When you’re selling any product, you need to address the “WSGAT”, “What’s so good about that” to get the attention of people you don’t know.

A funded proposal will encourage the buyer to spend a small fee, and often with a free trial.  And so, theoretically, the funds they pay for the system will pay your marketing costs.  People be be attracted to the idea of getting something for nothing with a “free trial”.

mlm onlineAnd, you WILL get their attention that way.  However, the problem here is that nobody ACTUALLY DOES get something for nothing!

So what people wound up doing is just selling the marketing system itself, which promised a $15 monthly residual commission, because, well, let’s face it… it was just way easier to use the capture and sales videos that came with the system than it was to create everything from scratch.  And, the commissions were actually more!

This was a real eye opener for me, as well as an education that it takes time, money and a LOT of tenacity to create your own online sales funnel.  Of course, the drop off rate with that system was so high that I actually never got enough people in my downline to cover my $50 monthly fee.  Lesson learned:  If you have a good product to sell, don’t get caught up in the vicious circle of just marketing the “non product”

I used to think that blogging was the answer for MLM Online marketing…

mlm online

Takes a LOT of time and money to promote from a blog

“Build it and they will come”, I thought.  People who visit your blog will get to know, like and trust you because of all the valuable content you’re putting out there.

The problem with blogging is that, no matter how beautiful and fancy your website, if you’re not getting visitors to your website, then no one will read your content, no one will watch your videos, and all that hard work is in vain  😥 

It takes a LOT of time to build a following, and a lot of money to promote so much that your blog is listed at the top of Google. 

And, let’s face it, that’s just way too much work to go through to make a small commission!

Of course, the real money with Amway or any MLM product is to create a downline… other people selling your products for you.  After all, don’t we all want to just make money and let somebody else do all the work? 

If you watch any boss with his employees, when he first starts his business, the boss is the one who puts in most of the hours!  And, MLM online marketing is no different.  While the potential to grow your business online with a traditional MLM product is possible, it’s not at all likely if you’re doing it part time.  Online bloggers who have become successful admit that they started out working way over 40 hours a week!

And, here again, people were purchasing my blogging platform just to sell the system.  Because, here again, it’s way easier to sell a system that already has built in capture pages and sales videos, PLUS you’re making way more in commission.  So why not?

The problem with that was that the system itself wasn’t a strong enough product to keep people wanting to pay the monthly fee.  It wasn’t something that people would be coming back and wanting more of.  I regret now trying to convince people that they could use the blogging platform for MLM online marketing.  I believed at the time it would work, but I never witnessed evidence from anyone that blogging is the way to sell your MLM product.

mlm onlineIf you have a product like Amway, where you know your customers will be coming back for more, that’s golden!  However, the dilemma lies in how to get the customers in the first place.

The “belly to belly” method has been the tried and true way that works for MLM products.  People see and feel your excitement and they want it, too.  Getting that same feeling across to a stranger could require spending hours on the phone and become their best friend. 

But isn’t online marketing supposed to KEEP YOU FROM having to pick up the phone?

Yep.  And that’s why I’ve devoted the last four years of my life trying to help people find the system that works on autopilot… wouldn’t that be grand?  A system that automatically recruits and sells for you, and you don’t have to do anything?

A system that will give you free leads for your MLM business does exist, here.

However, I should warn you, MLM online is a whole different animal.  When you’re  marketing online, you’re allowing the digital campaign to do the work that you would normally do when approaching strangers in shopping malls or home parties.  And, you need to think about your target market when you paying for traffic.

So for MLM online marketing, you need to ask yourself, “What are people who want to make money online looking for?”

Your online marketing funnel MUST have these three features…. mlm online

  1. You first need to get the attention of the average surfer who is A.D.D. with three windows open at once.  This requires a “capture page” with sound and animation so your visitor won’t click away in the first five seconds.
  2. And, once you grab their attention, you need to make them an offer they can’t refuse.  (This is why you’ll notice so many free offers on the internet.)
  3. And, finally, you need to hold them as a loyal customer because the product YOU have is not only desired, but NEEDED by everyone wanting to make money online!


mlm onlineOnce you establish your free account, you’ll not only understand how you can make money online guaranteed, you’ll understand the best products desired by millions on the internet today.  In my opinion, this is the ONLY WAY that MLM online marketing will work.

Your Plan to Earn Extra Income Online – Why Isn’t it Working?

earn extra income online

Learn how to earn extra income online the easy way (click here)

Earn extra income online?

Trying to learn how to earn extra income online can turn out to be a real nightmare as you find yourself dragged into every imaginable scam out there! 

If you’ve been struggling to make money online and can’t seem to get the hang of it, it’s not your fault.  The problem with “learning” how to make money online is that the industry is constantly changing.  For example, some internet gurus might tell you that they made their first $1000 online using Google pay per click, and now the cost per click on Google is off the charts for someone new!

Perhaps part of your learning experience has been “blogging daily”.  Blogging can be good for you because as you blog, you find yourself developing emotionally and intellectually.   And, that’s a good thing.

However, does that really help you earn online income?  Not so much.  At least not for the first five years or so, as personal development takes time (not to mention money and energy).

The problem with “learning how” to earn extra income online…earn extra income online

I used to spend $125 monthly for the “privilege” to promote my system while I was trying to learn how to sell.  And, well, the truth is I’m just not the salesman type.  Nor do I even admire pushy people! 

I thought I was doomed.  I spent all my lunch hours watching Google hangouts to get motivated and learn how to sell… I spent my only vacation time going to “mandatory” conventions, in an attempt to learn the “real secret” of making money online. 

And still, more money was going out of my bank account each month than I was bringing in.

earn extra income onilneOf course, I did make a few “automatic pilot” sales.  “$25 a month from only 100 people would bring me $2500 monthly residual”, I thought.  Yeah, right.  Most people would fall off and quit within the first two months. 

It’s so easy to get UNMOTIVATED when you see how fast the industry is changing.  It takes time, money and energy to learn terms like html, pcp, api, ctr (only about 4 out of 60 acronyms)! 

Then I realized something:  The reason most companies want you to “stay connected” by going to conventions and online hangouts is that the NEED you to stay pumped!  The average person will BUY out of shear emotion.  And, once that emotion drops… well, so long Charlie! 

So those companies MUST keep you on conference calls, because they want you to stay emotionally hyped!  If you notice, the main thing they “teach” you is to stay hyped about your product!

Having said that, I want this post to teach you the basics of the easy way to earn extra income online…

The three simple components for a guaranteed online income are as follows:

You need a great product to sell.earn extra income online

This is what makes the difference between a strong multilevel company and a scam.  If the product is no good, no one will buy it.  You may have been introduced to products where you have to “own” a particular system before you are positioned to make that high commission.  This is OK, just as long as the product is something that people will want to buy retail.  It has to be something that everyone wants…. So much that people will buy it whether or not they choose to sell it.

earn extra income onlineYou need a system to do the selling for you.

While it’s a good idea to learn as much as you can about marketing online, learning alone doesn’t line your pockets any more than going to college.  The beauty of marketing online is to NOT have to conduct 3-way calls or go to meetings.  Most companies keep the old school method while they claim to be “online friendly”.  Not the same as doing the selling for you.

You need a way to get high quality targeted traffic to your system.

What do I mean by targeted traffic?  I mean you can’t sell a steak to a vegetarian.  If you have a link that’s promoting the best ways to earn money online, then you must be sending your link to people who truly want to learn how to earn fast money online, or people would be going to Google and entering, “How can I earn money online?”

Traffic is key for earning extra income online…earn extra income online

“Traffic” is an industry term that means people visiting your website.  You might have the most attractive blog in the world, but if you don’t have traffic to your website, then you have no visitors.  And no visitors = no money  😥 

The best way to earn money online MUST have these features:

  • Fast Income turnaround to earn online cash

               If you’re signing up people who know they can make money with your system inside of 24 hours, they’re automatically motivated.  You won’t need to waste your time calling them!

  • Easy setup

               Spending weeks trying to construct your website is the same as money lost in your pocket!

  • Automatically gets visitors to your site (traffic)

               Since no visitors = no money, why start anything that doesn’t do this?

  • Easy time maintenance

Most of us try to fit in our internet marketing in our spare time.  When we’re running full time lives with work, holidays, children, soccer practice, etc., you’re kidding yourself if you commit to something that’s gonna take away from the quality in your life. 

  • No conference calls or phone calls required

               I used to believe that if I called someone, I’d kill the sale.  (I still think that, because I’m just no good on the phone!)  Why not just let the system do the selling for you?  One that will REALLY earn extra income online?

earn extra income online

Take advantage of the free account offer today! (CLICK THIS IMAGE)


This system actually works for ANYONE who follows the easy six steps.  Easy setup, and only 5 minutes a day commitment to keep the guaranteed online income flowing!  This online income website currently has a special promotion for a limited time.  When would NOW be the right time to start to earn extra income online?

Secrets of Successful People: The Missing Piece


"To Be" Goal Setting Theory

“To Be” Goal Setting Theory

What are the secrets of successful people?

You may have noticed successful people and how you think they put the law of manifestation into action.  We can speculate – we think they might have gotten lucky – just “happened” to cross the right bridge at the right time. Or we might think they have an unconscious way of manifesting by using the power of attraction in their lives…

And we’ve all read ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, and ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill, and we try meditating and trying our hardest to visualize our dreams into existence!  But still…. nothing.

So what’s the missing piece?  What is the missing secret behind the secret – those secrets of successful people?

There was a study done on the percentage of people who become millionaires, and how they do it.  They took 1500 people who “had the desire” to become a millionaire.  Out of those 1500, 443 dropped out early on, leaving 1057 in the study.  And, out of those people, only 83 (7.5%) actually became millionaires.  That’s really only 5.5% out of the original study.

So obviously, it takes much more than desire or even a “burning desire” as Napoleon Hill calls it. 

They put that desire into action.  The thing they don’t horn in on much on books like “The Secret” is that your thoughts create your feelings, and your feelings cause you to take action.  And it’s that ACTION you take that makes the change in the circumstances around you.  If you feel something strong enough, you have that burning desire to take action. fear failure rober kilosocki

And, yeah, I know, book authors want to sell more books, so they don’t want to focus too much on the hard stuff … the stuff you don’t want to know.

But here’s the good part about the real secrets of successful people…

It seems that all 83 of those millionaires had one thing in common…

They all were working in a field they felt deeply passionate about. 

So, this DOES prove that the power of attraction does turn the law of manifestation into action, because those people who are truly successful are following their dreams.  So in their minds, they’re not working – they’re playing!  And, since we all would rather play than work, you can bet that they put more than 8 hours a day into that dream with intent to manifest.

secrets of successful peopleBut wait – there’s more…

Many of us might believe that the millionaire status actually comes more from investing wisely the money you make and letting it breed more income.  But the reverse was found!  All 83 of the millionaires in the study received most of their income from actually working!

And you might be thinking “they’re lucky they had a passion – I’m doomed because I just don’t have a passion like they do”…


Here’s a trick to find out what YOU are passionate about…

List all the people you know who you really admire, and then list the qualities of those people.  You’ll find that most of these people have similar qualities.  Are they all musicians?  Are they all personal development coaches?  Pay attention to the qualities in others that you really admire, because it’s actually impossible for you to admire those qualities without possessing that same passion within yourself.


What I really love about this study of the secrets of successful people is that they don’t seem to be competitive.  They only live their dream and strive for perfection in themselves.  If anything, people who are really successful are more cooperative with others than competitive.ILS-push-button


Do you agree? Do you like the idea of helping other people and using “coopetition” over competition? Then perhaps you’d like this…

If you love personal development, and you love to help other people, why not join the home business that helps put money in your pocket and helps others at the same time?  Personal development radio broadcasts will help you in discovering your passion as you learn to make money online and help others.   Lean more from this video about how average people are freeing themselves to follow their own dream by using this simple online system.

Online Marketing Techniques for your Home Based Business: Online vs Belly-to-Belly

free marketing techniques

EASY Online Advertising (click the image)

 So WHY are you looking for “online marketing techniques”?

If you’ve ever tried to get advertising ideas for your home business, perhaps you’re ready to tear your hair out when your sponsor tells you, yet another time, to call your friends and family!  And that “belly to belly” method of marketing has proved tried and true over the years for many a product.

And therefore, your “online marketing techniques” means you don’t have to sell to your friends and family…

But here’s the dilemma:  I used to market the traditional way with home parties in the ‘80’s with moderate success.  Times were easy – people loved getting together, and people came to parties with expectation to pull out their credit card.

However, after the internet, even your best friend doesn’t pull out her credit card as soon as you talk about your product.  What does she do?  “Sounds interesting”, she says, “I’ll think about it”… and then she goes home and Googles YOUR product!  Some people even go and Google, “your product scam” to see what dirt they can dig up before making any investment!

But what’s your alternative?

As a rule, pay-per-click and online classifieds are extremely expensive; and, when you think about your profit return (at usually a 10% commission)… well that just explains why they keep telling us to call our friends and family!

Thousands have tried to bring the home business into the internet marketing realm – and still, with little or no success.  Just “create your own blog”, they said… people will find your product online and decide to buy once they know like and trust you”.  And, that’s partially true… people DO buy from you once they know, like and trust you.  Ah, but that’s the dilemma!  The average person doesn’t decide to “know like and trust” anyone just from reading a stranger’s blog post!free marketing techniques

You can understand how people have become so skeptical these days… There’s many a scam out there for marketing online.  Some people pour their life’s savings into a company with the “guarantee” from that hyped up message, “Click here to begin your $1000 a day business”!

Too many people out there just want to make a quick buck with little or no regard for who’s getting reamed in the process.  And, unfortunately, this has given those new “online marketing techniques” a bad rap.

But there are still others devoted entirely to finding new and improved online marketing techniques to bring your home business out to the masses on the internet….

There’s a brand new online marketing strategy that’s sweeping the globe right now – and it has nothing to do with blogging!  (Just thought you might be one of the blogging victims who have poured thousands into ranking your blog only to find out that Google changed their algorhythm and nobody sees your blog!)

But rest assured, there’s hope for the future, as people are getting more and more intent on learning new and improved free marketing techniques.

Brand new online marketing strategy for free marketing techniques…

Let’s face it, really “free marketing techniques” for your home business are few and far between.  Once you join a system and start that monthly commitment, NOW it’s time to start learning how to reach people!  And, no matter how great your blog or video, if you don’t have a way to send your proposal out to the masses, well, you’re just pretty much wasting your time.  

But what if…

There was a free system you could just “plug into”… something that already had a way of reaching people online – and all you had to do is spend 5 minutes a day to keep it going?  There is….

Learn how here!

Is There a Legitimate Internet Business?

crash courseHaving been burnt on several “automatic income” systems, I suspect there are more people out there wondering, “Is there such a thing as a “legitimate internet business”?

And, although the answer to that question is “yes”, there are several internet marketing myths for which you might want to be aware.

The number one legitimate internet business myth is that people think it’s easy…

You may have heard people say, “it’s simple, but not easy”… So what’s that supposed to mean?  In a nutshell, when people think “easy”, they think “fast”.  The truth is, it’s NOT fast.  However, when you compare to any other business that you own and you invest all your resources – time, money and effort, a legitimate home based business is no different.

Any business takes time, money and effort if you really want to be successful.  Any business needs to be advertised, and your legitimate internet business is no different.

Can you advertise for free?  Sure!  That’s what I’m doing here with this blog post.  I also write articles, and it took me three years to “graduate” to a platinum author level where my articles are finally being read as soon as I post.

The reality about blogging is that nobody is likely to be reading your blog, because your site is only one out of 17 million competing home business websites out there!  And, when you search for information on Google, are YOU likely to click on websites past the first three that you see?  Neither is anyone else!  In fact, 70% of the traffic will never click on your link that leads to your website unless you’re at the top of Google.  And you can’t do THAT for free!

So if you’re like most people and fall for the “it’s easy”, and you believe “it’s fast and easy”, you’re liable to be quickly discouraged.  The average person will look at a monthly fee and think “How will I ever be able to cover all those monthly fees?”   But the successful internet marketer looks at the big picture and thinks, “This can build to something ginormous!”   

Another legitimate internet business myth:  “Build it and they will come”…

legitimate internet business

Not true with internet marketing!

As I mentioned above, if you’re doing only “free” marketing strategies, people don’t just “come” to your website.  After trying only “free” for the past few years, I’ve come to the conclusion that those free strategies are getting more difficult with every passing year.   However, if you insist on going this route, I do have a few good internet business ideas for ways to promote “for free”.

  • Write articles or create YouTube videos that link to your blog.  The more backlinks you can get, the higher you’ll be seen in the search engines.
  • Search for a high PR blog (likely one that is ranking on Google’s page one), and write a sincere comment on the blog. Be sure to add value and be appreciative and sincere.  When you sign your name, include the link back to your blog.  That’s free traffic to your blog!
  • Post your blog on social media. On Facebook, many people get some action by joining groups (only about five at a time), and then posting in that group.  Simply write a compelling one-liner with a link to your blog post.  I’ve found that this can stir up a few visitors, but not likely to continue to draw traffic because your post will very soon sink to where it’s not seen unless you get tons of likes and comments right away. 
  • Use the Facebook invite tool that works with Google Chrome to invite all your friends to your “event”. Preferably, this would be an invite to a live Google hangout where you discuss the benefits of your product, but I’ve seen invites that lead only to a link to a sales video.

So what’s the difference between a “legitimate internet business” and a scam? 

The FTC plays a strong part in tearing a potential scam apart, so they don’t last long.  Therefore, the first thing you can look at is how long have they been in business.  The thing that turns a potentially legitimate home based business into a scam is the lack of product.  Even companies with the best intentions could collapse if the product isn’t one that people want or really need.

Also, take a look at the commission schedule.  As a rule, the higher the commission, the less valuable the product, and the less likely people will want to buy it retail.  Any multilevel company will want you to commit to an “auto-ship”, or monthly fee of some kind.  If it’s completely “free”, look out!  The company could be using you to promote their overpriced product – free marketing for the company; a nightmare for you!

legitimate internet business Of course, the average “legitimate home based business” multilevel company won’t pay out more than 20% commissions, and some even less!  This is just as much of a nightmare, because you’ll need to be making thousands of sales and recruitments before you can really even call it your own home business.

Your answer lies in plenty of research and a deep inner soul search to discover something you believe can work for you.  My personal belief is that you’re better off promoting your passion through this web traffic service.  Here, you can get legitimately interested visitors to your website, or even use the capture page they provide for you!  

And, good news for beginners – just let them do the marketing for you, so it takes all the guess work out.

In conclusion, I believe the best residual income formula on the web today has to do with buying traffic, reinvesting, and scaling your business to new heights.  As long as  you continue to improve each day and teach others how you do it, you’ll find your legitimate internet business working for you!

How to Advertise for Free: Easy Internet Marketing Plan for Beginners

Why learn how to advertise for free?

free online advertising_3-10-15The experts will tell you that paying for leads is the fastest way to success.  You just track, and tweak your ads – then scale up.  They make it sound SO easy!

Looking for free ways to promote your business has always been a passion of mine since I discovered that the money I was spending on pay-per-click ads through Facebook far exceeded my best day of internet sales income.

Has that ever happened to you?  You know, you take out an ad, tweak it to death to make sure it’s hitting the right target market; you get discouraged that it’s not converting, so you lose interest.  Oh, but then, oops!  You discover you had forgotten to take it down!

When that happened to me, I found my credit card $250 over the limit!

That’s when I decided that maybe finding new innovative ways on how to advertise for free would be my next mission in life.

How to Advertise for Free by Blogging…

Learn how to advertise your business online (click here)

Learn how to advertise your business online (click here)

Have you ever tried blogging?

When I first started blogging, I was told, “just blog daily and eventually your stuff will be seen”.  Yeah, right.

People DO tend to buy stuff from your blog once they know, like and trust you.  And, admittedly, a blog is a good way to get people to learn to know you so they can feel the trust you enough to buy.

However, having said that, if you don’t through a butt-load of back links, videos and social media liking your blog post, doesn’t matter how great it is – most of what you write will never be seen.

Admittedly, you’re reading a blog right now, so yeah, I admit, I like to write.  But there’s SO MUCH TIME involved with blogging daily, and when I took into consideration the few people who might even read my post, well, my mission was to find an easier way.


The New Internet Marketing Plan for How to Advertise for Free…

promote your business_3-10-15So let’s think about this for a minute.  What EXACTLY is it that you need when promoting your business? 


Well for starters, you need leads.  When I first started marketing, I spent so much money on pay-per-click ads and buying leads that my advertising expense far exceeded my online income!

And, that is definitely NOT the way of making money on the internet!  “It’s all a learning experience”, they say.  “It’s costing you less than a college education”.  Maybe so.  But as for me, I’d rather make SURE I KNOW what I’ll be spending and EXACTLY what I’m getting for it.

Therefore, as far as getting the leads – I do recommend the $27 monthly fee on this service where you can purchase fresh, pre-qualified home business leads on a daily basis, AND get paid for promoting the same business.  Just a few people in your downline here, and you’ve got FREE LEADS!  I’m already getting a minimum of 5 leads daily from a package I purchased just yesterday.

 “But wait”, you say.  “I thought you were gonna tell me about how to advertise FOR FREE!”

OK, OK, listen up – there’s more.

If you use the QUALITY LEAD SERVICE inside the “My Advertising Pays” site, the two can actually promote each other.

Oh, guess I need to explain the second one – it’s actually a way of making money on the internet WITHOUT RECRUITING!

The thing about” My Advertising Pays” (MAP) is, you can JOIN FOR FREE! In fact, there is a 95% retention rate with this company!  Why?  Because you can not only join for free – you can stay in for free!

Of course, you can’t join and do nothing and expect to make money.  The “free advertising” comes from the “profit share” packages.  Bottom line, you purchase advertising through the system for $50, and, over time (usually about 60 days), you’ll get $60 back.  Since this new rising company is growing in popularity, the profit share income is starting to come in faster now, and many people are actually making money ONLY by purchasing the shares and reinvesting.

But as for “how to advertise for free” – simply put your ad in the system and your share purchase will pay for 550 regular credits and 10 boosters.  Regular credits guarantee your ad will be viewed for 10 seconds; boosters guarantee your ad will run for 30 seconds when people click on your link.

And, since you’re actually getting money back for advertising your own business, well, I guess you could say that you could be in the black with booth these systems very easily while you’re taking advantage of free ways to promote your business.

This post is targeted for beginners because I have a mission to help people succeed in their home business by warning them about spending all their money on advertising with links and websites built by an amateur.  Advertising is a NECESSARY part of business, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can lose your entire budget and send your business for a crash and burn in no time.  As you can see, there are easier ways!

And, as a newbie, you won’t even have to learn an email response system, because everything is taken care of inside the this system.  I no longer have to pay $30 monthly just for an autoresponse system – and I no longer have to create emails every day – because the system does it for me! It does everything for you, leads + auto-response all inclusive on one package!

I would truly say that this is the best way to earn money online because now all your bases are covered – you have your leads, a way to advertise, a way to follow up, and a system that WILL PAY OUT EVEN IF YOU NEVER RECRUIT ANYONE in your downline.  This is truly an ingenious internet marketing plan!

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My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!
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