Two things for How to Make Money Online

To put it simply, you really only need two things for how to make money online…

  • Sales funnel that converts
  • Traffic to the sales funnel

Detailed explanation of EXACTLY how to make money on internet accessed on this LIVE hangout below:


So let’s just break that down a bit…

What is a “sales funnel”? 

Think of the people coming in to see your product as a funnel.  There are lot of people clicking on your “capture page” (the page they land on that asks them to enter their email before going further)…

Then, many people are weeded out because only a portion will agree to enter their email address, 25% on average.

Then, out of those “leads” that opt into the capture page, another smaller portion will stay and watch the sales presentation.

The process described in the hangout above brings, on average 12% who decide to buy on the spot.

If you’re familiar with online marketing, that’s an enormously large number!

I’m really not pulling your leg here.  The reason why this is so high is because people are offered a free week  if they decide to get started within the first  hour.

Obviously, not everyone will decide to stay and pay.  Statistics within the system tell us that 40% decide to stay and pay.

But how do you make money online with a sales funnel if nobody sees your page in the first place?

Ah, the dilemma that most marketers face – AND the reason why most quit.

What if there was a way to GUARANTEE SALES in your first 30 days – a way to GUARANTEE “how to make money online”? 

Something that did NOT DEMAND that you need to spend weeks and months trying to LEARN how to make money on internet before you even got started?

When you watch the hangout, you’ll begin to get the right perspective of EXACTLY how it’s done.

Message me on Facebook if you have any questions – I’m here to help!


Freedom Fighters Network – How is Guaranteed Income Online Possible?

Freedom Fighters Network Review money guaranteeIn checking Google Adwords today, I noticed over 500 people each month are searching for “Freedom Fighters Network”!

Why?  What makes this company so different from all the rest?

This is an exciting new system just launched recently (July 27, 2014)…

You’ve probably heard that making money online isn’t as easy as they say.

And, I have to agree with that – up until NOW…

How can we promise “guaranteed income online”?

 Well, to explain the guarantee thing, you first need to understand what it’s like to market online.  My daughter, Angela Moore, spent $45,000 of her own money in her ventures to learn how to market online.  “Paying for leads and solo ads is the way to go” the experts told her.  “You can’t just blog and make money”.  Hence, she never got much into blogging, but she did get into video marketing quite heavily  and grew to be a successful marketer with these “free marketing strategies”.  Of course, posting videos on YouTube that actually rank first place on Google cost her $2000 a month to rake in $1000 income.  

“You might as well pay for leads”, she said, “because either way, you need to spend money to make money”.  This made sense to me – that is,  until I spent my first $200 on solo ads and didn’t even get a single lead!

I had to learn the hard way that being cheap will keep you broke!  There’s actually way more to paying for traffic than buying leads.  Once you purchase “advertisement” of any kind, then it’s up to YOU to have a darn compelling ad that’s gonna grab attention – because the longer your ad runs with nobody wanting to click on it, the higher your cost per click is!  (A scary thought, if you ask me!)


If only I had a traffic source that GUARANTEED SALES that Freedom Fighters Network provides – my costly learning curve would be nonexistent!


How I Got 60 Signups in 78 Days from Nancy Harnell on Vimeo.




 My daughter, Angela Moore, and Jordan Schultz created this system because they saw a desperate need in the world for the average person to make money online.

They are successful marketers and have reached the point of living the life of their dreams; however, it troubled them that SO MANY other folks out there are at an extreme disadvantage for making it work to generate an income from home…

…People like those of us working two jobs already to make ends meet, or retirees who did NOT have the privilege of growing up with computers, or single moms who have too many other needs to meet…

They (most of us) are at a strong disadvantage!

This is the reason why I’m bringing to you this recently updated information on Freedom Fighters Network…

….how YOU can get online income guaranteed, even if you’re brand new to internet marketing!

When you click the image below, you’ll be taken to their most up-to-date hangout where they explain their vision,
WHY they started FFN, and HOW the system works to put MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET FOR LIFE!



LIVE Nov 11 Hangout


The thing is, it takes money to make money online – and if you use “free traffic strategies”, as I have TRIED for 4 years with no success, you might get one or two signups into your primary business, but it’s just SO DANG HARD to get enough eyes on your capture page that the new marketer is most likely quit.


 We all need a “Plan B”.  Seniors are uncertain about Social Security, workers are uncertain how long their jobs will hold out before they’re down-sized.  But very few have the time or financial resources to make a success out of making money online.

This might be for you, and it might not be.  As a marketer who’s been struggling for the past three years, I think it’s for everyone.  But it’s easy to find out – because you can actually join for a free trial and test drive the system the first week without paying a penny!  (No wait, I lied – LOL – they do charge one penny to verify your credit card when you first sign up!)

Freedom Fighters Network Review money guarantee


The image to the left was a screen capture from September, reflecting 31 signups within  my first week of membership….




And, as of today, I can look forward to a paid RESIDUAL MONTHLY commission of $315!


 Statistics in the system reveal that, on average, 40% of the members who sign on for free decide to STAY AND PAY for the system – each worth $25-$40 residual monthly income! And, you can even get more commissions flowing up from your downline’s sales!  And, as of Sunday, November 8th, there is NOW a way to make EVEN WAY BIGGER COMMISSIONS!

Watch the hangout above and learn how you can get in for free!

 As of now, the “top tier” product within the system just launched last Sunday, November 9th, and we have until November 16th to purchase it at a 33% discount!  I can’t say what it is – because that information is announced on the members only hangout – but I can tell you that it’s not just another one of those “information” products that people only buy for the purpose of making money.  The top tier product is actually something that the average person would find attractive because, as you use it, it saves you money!

Making money online is really all about numbers.  And, with this system, the numbers are already calculated for you.  Averaging from all traffic put through, 25% of the people who land on your page will opt in and become leads.  12% of those leads decide to buy the front end and become a front end “money dance” sale right there on the spot.

As for the average buy on the top tier?  If you listen to their hangout, the actually do not project this because they don’t want to put false number out there.  However, as Angela’s mother, I’m aware of similar sales funnels these guys have built in the past for their own benefit, and the average opt in to the high ticket products was 4%.  And that wasn’t even a product that everyone would want!  I can’t wait to see the statistics soon to come out with this!

Learn more from the google hangout on this link…for complete understanding on the “Online Income Guaranteed”…. or just CLICK HERE and get started do the money dance yourself!

Freedom Fighters Network Review money guarantee

Do the money dance with us!


If this guarantee for online income hasn’t answered all your questions, pleases leave your comments or questions below – I’m here to help you!

Cooperation vs Competition for Ways of Internet Marketing

internet frustrationI used to think that I had to be competitive to make money online – always STRUGGLING to get my blog posts and videos to rank on Google… and let me tell you, it’s no easy task!

I remember the day when I was SO HAPPY I had finally gotten up to receiving 5 leads a day because my YouTube videos were ranking on Google…

… but then it happened…

Yep that’s right – banned on YouTube – and ALL my leads were GONE in flash!

So much for traditional ways of internet marketing!

Has that ever happened to you?

Well, if it has, I’m sure you can relate… And, if it hasn’t – then let me save you the trouble of future anguish…

Here’s the thing:  Did you ever notice that when you run your business in COMPETITION with everyone around you, that nobody out there is willing to help you?  And, in fact, there are plenty of HATERS out there in the internet marketing industry just ready and willing to take you down – sometimes just for the “fun” of it!

You may have noticed… the big-wigs companies also don’t like the home business industry to succeed…

Amazon, YouTube, Google, Craigslist –

Ever been banned from one of those?

cooperationBut what about ways of internet marketing using cooperation?

Let’s examine the reverse side of that – running your business with a cooperative attitude.  If your only competition in your mind is YOU – always trying to do better that you did last month and always striving to do better next month – EVERYONE wants to help you!  Why would that be?  Cooperation is not only effective, but I’ve found it to be ESPECIALLY effective in the internet marketing industry!

We are all creatures in need of affection and reinforcement.  We love inspiration and, as internet marketers, we find ourselves attracted to inspirational videos and messages.  Aren’t YOU drawn to a video where an average looking guy is telling you how he never made any money from his blog sites UNTIL he did this one “magic thing”… and now he’s looking at a residual monthly income of $600 after 30 days?

Aren’t YOU inspired by an article written by a senior citizen who spent all the money she had trying to support her disabled  husband with the hopes and dreams of making money online, and never before could get in the black profit margin until NOW when she did this one “magic thing”?

We all LOVE to be inspired, and we love to inspire others – that’s what makes this business so rewarding!

However, as an internet marketer, if you don’t have the support of a team, sometimes you get the feeling like you’re out there in left field just withering away.  Now compound that with haters on the internet telling you that your video sucks, and it’s not long before you just turn away and quit!

And hence, the problem with signing up people online through autopilot.  Unless you have a support system in place where people are constantly reinforced by one another, people will quit as soon as the next one signs up.

Between all the haters on the internet and the companies banning us from trying to market, it’s a wonder that we’re still trying to find new ways of internet marketing.

But wait – now there are BRAND-NEW ways of internet marketing…

Watch this training video to discover more about how this incredible system works

Watch this training video to discover more about how this incredible system works


What if you had a “safe” place to get you leads – GUARANTEED!?  It’s here…

… THANK GOODNESS there’s now a NEW way of marketing online where we can all pool our energies together to help each other – a brand-new system designed for the “average joe” who never could make money online until now (like me – I’m the senior citizen described above)!  This blog page describes the system in detail. 


Thank goodness – GONE are the days of STRUGGLING to rank my blog posts because NOW we have new marketing ways to make money with online income guaranteed!

2014 Online Marketing Trends: Is it All About the Money?

INTERNET marketing trendsInternet marketing tends to change from year to year, and now that I’m familiar with 2014 online marketing trends, I’m finding myself going back to change many of my articles…

I can remember when the biggest deal on the net was an online training system that took $50 a month out of your pocket with the promise of paying you $15 a month for each automatic signup… all while they “train” you how to market online.

The problem with this, of course, is that you had to LEARN how to create your own professional sales pages and capture pages – and who in the world wants to work THAT hard? LOL

A year later I was ALMOST in the black, but the one of my guys quit again.

So as of now, 2014 online marketing trends are looking pretty bleak…

Because this system actually started the “internet marketing scam” action a few years back.  Internet marketing newbies were told “you simply become the expert” and position yourself as leader.

Really?  How many internet marketing leaders to YOU know who are just beginning to market online?

Hence, herein began the generation of internet marketing liars… “Just click here and get my exclusive training course”… and so you do, only to find out that this person doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about!

Then a few years back the 100% commission thing was all the rage… and many people are still making thousands of dollars with that system.  However, the problem here was that people really had to LEARN HOW to market before they knew how to attract leads through blogging.

2014 Online Marketing Trends

Blogging was the only way to make money in the 2011-2012 era

And, to make matters worse, there were so many people joining that the competition made it extremely difficult to compete as a newbie when you’re up against people who REALLY know what they’re doing.

Professional marketers have learned that paid marketing is where it’s at when it comes to getting fast attention to your capture pages.  However, there’s a problem with this as well.  For example, my daughter “wasted” $45,000 in paid marketing – trying her best to tweak the capture page, and lead source until she found that perfect “Goldie Locks” combination.

But that term “wasted” is not used among internet marketing professionals who have succeeded in online marketing in 2014.  With the money you “waste” on paid traffic that doesn’t work,  you learn what does work.

And, if you ask my daughter today, that money she spent on paid advertising was better spent as “education” in learning what works with internet marketing than the money paid for her college degree!


And so begins the new 2014 online marketing trends perfect formula…


Because, as of just a couple of weeks ago, she has now launched a system where she can GUARANTEE the internet newbie an online income.  So, OF COURSE, in respect to 2014 online marketing trends, THIS ONE takes the cake!

online income guarantee

Click here to learn more about the online income guarantee


We now have ways of connecting with people all over the world, AND we ALSO have ways to ensure internet marketing success for anyone willing to try.


And for the REAL REASON WHY people love online marketing 2014 … While we  might be drawn to 2014 internet marketing trends for the money,  we STAY because we’re so inspired to help others.




As much as I was excited to get 21 signups my first week, and as much as I’m excited to look into my back office to find a $600 RESIDUAL MONTHLY INCOME coming to me…

… the news that I could now help other people has brought tears to my eyes!

Whether you’re a member of my team yet or not, I just want you to know that I’m here to lift you up and edify you…

Show me your first success and I’ll make a video for you and tag you on Facebook to help ramp you up in your marketing…

If you’re not a member of my team yet…

Click here for more information-  when you put in your email address, you’ll be entered into our Freedom Fighters system to receive all the current updates and hangouts…

Once you join, you’ll get a personal invitation from me on Facebook to connect.

I’m here to help you – so let me!

To YOUR prosperity,



Guaranteed Income Online: A Review of Freedom Fighters Network

GUARANTEED income online !

Click here to discover how you can be GUARANTEED income online!

In an effort to get the truth about online marketing to you, this review of “Freedom Fighters Network” will give you the history and facts about the new guaranteed income online…

You may have noticed that all of a sudden you see “Freedom Fighters Network” popping up all over Facebook because of the “guaranteed income online” promise.  What is it and how does it work?

This brand-new system just launched last month (July 27, 2014, to be exact)…

You’ve probably heard that making money online isn’t as easy as they say.

And, I have to agree with that – up until NOW (which this “Freedom Fighters Network Review” will explain)…


The problem with making money online by recruiting other people to do the same has to do with the HUGE attrition factor:  statistics show that most people will choose to quit their online income program if it doesn’t show results with 42 days.

And, if you’ve ever tried making money by blogging, you know that 42 days is only the beginning!

The thing is, it takes money to make money online – and if you use free traffic strategies, as I have up until this week, you might get one or two signups into your primary business, but it’s just SO DANG HARD to get enough eyes on your capture page that the new marketer is most likely quit.

And online training courses are more likely to repel people than draw them into wanting to work harder.  There are a lot of different strategies to make money online, and it’s a common mistake to try to learn everything at once! And, when people are just starting to LEARN how to make money online, it’s all too easy to get so overwhelmed with everything that you just quit.

In fact, studies have shown that it’s much easier on our brains to learn a simple process than to learn several different ways to reach the same goal.  We think that more is better, but we’re lying to ourselves.  When you’re first learning, less is definitely better!

So what does all this have to do with Freedom Fighters Network?

Well, the dilemma described above has everything to do with the “WHY” Freedom Fighters Network was created. 

 My daughter, Angela Moore, and her business partner and boyfriend, Jordan Schultz, created this system because they saw a desperate need in the world for the average person to make money online.

They are successful marketers and have reached the point of living the life of their dreams; however, it troubled them that SO MANY other folks out there are at an extreme disadvantage for making it work to generate an income from home…

…People like those of us working two jobs already to make ends meet, or retirees who didn’t have the privilege of growing up with computers, or single moms who have too many other needs to meet…

They (most of us) are at a strong disadvantage!

They have regretfully watched 90% of their downline quit or die trying to make money online, so this put them on a mission to facilitate the newbie online marketer to make money in their first 30 days.

So how exactly can they boldly state “guaranteed income online” with Freedom Fighters Network?

guaranteed income online

Click here to learn more about the guaranteed income online promise

If you  have been in the online marketing industry for very long, then you’re aware that those “online marketing training courses” you pay so much money for don’t just GIVE you the answer of where to buy the best “traffic”.  If you’re unfamiliar with that term, traffic is leads you pay for in the form of clicks on your capture page.

Experienced marketers know paying for people to click on your link is really easier said than done.  You need to know the best “copy” (the best words to promote the offer), and you need to know what services provide the freshest leads.

And, if you have ever tried paid marketing yourself, then you probably remember losing a LOT of money trying to find out what works.

As professional marketers, Angela and Jordan KNOW what works.  And, contrary to most marketers out there, they are willing to share their traffic resources with members of Freedom Fighters Network.

How do they know?  By spending and losing a lot of money conducing test after test, constantly tweaking and checking conversion rates.

They experienced one bomb after the next, until…

The found the golden nugget!  Several particular sources have given them a 12% conversion rate, lead to sale!  This is why they can guarantee that anyone who generates 100 leads will have a least one sale (but probably more like 12 sales).

How do they get that kind of conversion?  Well, for one thing, their initial offer is FREE.  Who wouldn’t want to try out something for free?  That gets the attention of a LOT of people.


guaranteed income online

CLICK THIS IMAGE to discover how YOU can start doing the “money dance” with us!

So then where does the money come from?  The numbers within the system are now showing roughly 50% of the people who sign on for free will also decide to STAY AND PAY.  And, once paid, only 9% choose to quit.

This might be for you, and it might not be.  As a marketer who’s been struggling for the past three years, I think it’s for everyone.  

But it’s easy to find out – because you can actually join for a free trial and test drive the system the first week without paying a penny!  I received 21 automatic signups in the first 12 hours of my membership, and now looking at a residual monthly income of $600!  This blog post will reveal a true testimony of my own fast success. 

Click here to find out how you can join for free today. 

The Power of Habit for Successful Online Business

habit quoteWe are all creatures of habit, but if you think about, it’s really up to YOU whether you want to put the power of habit to work in your favor :-)   or AGAINST YOU  :-(

Take a look at the successful people around you who are running a successful online business by using the power of habit.   Do you think they hit the snooze alarm and try to stay in bed an extra ten minutes before the dreaded work day?

As the American writer, Robert Puller says… “Good habits, once established are just as hard to break as are bad habits.”

If you don’t know, I’m here to tell you that they work with great ambitions and vision on a clear outcome. 

I know, I know.  That might not be a fair comparison.  Because, admittedly, when you’re lying in bed in the morning and you mind starts wonder how many online commissions you might have made the night before, this tends to work as a great eye-opener!

However, the very CHANCE that you’ll receive any commissions online at all depends greatly on your ability to create the right “power habits” that are geared towards generating income.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” - Jim Rohn: American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker

Successful entrepreneurs in any profession know the power of habit and they are adamant and disciplining themselves to adhere to the same “plan of work” every day.

“Plan your work and work your plan every day”…. Rob Fore, successful online network marketer

So what’s the best way to put the power of habit to work for you to aim you towards success?

how to trust yourself

Learning the right habits to make REAL MONEY online takes disclipline

Make a plan every day to do the “internet dance” in the morning before you do anything else.  For example, this is my “morning dance”.

  1.  Check email to see if anyone out there in cyberspace has any questions. 

If there is a question – or even a complaint of some kind, this can be a good thing.  When you respond to this person, use it as an example of a story you can blog about.  Send this same story or answer to your email marketing list…

“A recent member of mine just emailed me and asked how to upload videos to his blog.  For his benefit, AND FOR YOURS, I’ve decided to create this screen capture video to help you.”

The more people will discover how you really want to help them, the more will be attracted to you.  And, in the end, people who buy are really attracted to YOU, not your product, service or system, no matter how spectacular it is.

And, of course, if I happen to discover I’ve made an online sale, I take a screen capture of that so I can later use it as evidence in a blog post.

  1.  While I’m doing my morning exercises, I make it a habit to watch an educational video where I can learn more about my business.  In our line of work, most of us have team hangouts to watch, but not many of us have the time to just sit in front of a computer.

This is my way of multitasking and taking care of my mind while, at t he same time, taking care of my body.  Successful online entrepreneurs spend time every day learning new techniques, as this industry is constantly evolving.  And, we has humans also should be evolving.

  1. Check out keyword phrase on ‘’ based on the subject matter of the video I created the day before.  There’s no sense blogging about something that nobody’s searching for!  Once I have a good keyword phrase with little competition and a lot of searches, I form my blog post around my focus keyword phase.

I get the ideas for my post in the early morning and work on it throughout the day in my downline whenever I feel inspired.

  1.  Listen to personal development audio CD’s on my way to work. 

I recommend this for EVERYONE, no matter what business you’re in.  Audio books can take the place of reading books, and you can get the most out of the time in your day if you use your drive time constructively in this manner.

  1. Create a quick 5-minute video on your lunch hour.

This takes so little time to create, I can even find time to fit it in if I’m meeting someone for lunch.  It can be done anywhere.  I’ve even seen some successful online marketers create videos in the car while they’re driving!  While I’m not recommending that, I do recommend pulling over to a quiet location and shooting a 3-5 minute video about something that has inspired you.

Pay attention to the things that happen to you during the day and think about how this relates to a message for your target market.  The audios you’ve been listening to will also help to inspire you on what to create a video on.

Just before you crate the video, get clear in your mind of who your target audience is and what message you would like to convey.  Picture a single person as your target and speak to the camera like you’re talking to a friend.  It’s surprising how people who watch your videos will also see you as a friend if that’s the image you portray.



Click  here to find out more about how YOU can get automatic signups like this!

Click here to find out more about how YOU can get automatic signups like this!



And, as we all know, people will BUY from people they know, like and trust.  Your videos will be creating new “friends” all over cyberspace who are getting to know you while you’re sleeping!

Once you put the power of habit to work in your favor, you’re on your way to a successful online business…

Actually, the joy of waking up to automatic signups has been happening to me MUCH MORE lately, since I joined this system

….Waking up to 21 new signups in day is enough to get me out of bed in hurry LOL! 

Watch this training video to discover more about how this incredible system works

Watch this training video to discover more about how this incredible system works






Check out a review of the program from this post, or simply CLICK HERE for more information on exactly how it works!



How to Make Money Easy Online: The Truth about “Easy” and “Fast”

make money easy onlineEveryone is looking for how to make money easy online; however, the average person is kept in the dark about how difficult it actually can be.

And why shouldn’t people believe in “easy online money”?  After all, nearly every capture page you see out there for the “best way to earn money online” mentions making it “easy”, or learning how to make “$1,000 in a day”…  you know what I mean.

And, of course, the average person might think, “Yeah, right, there’s no way ANYONE can bring in THAT kind of money”… yet people do.

In fact, my daughter is now making a monthly income of around $50K, and she began making $10,000 last year – so once you get going and know what you’re doing, you ramp up fast… and it IS entirely possible.

Still others look at that same capture page and see the words “make money easy online”…



… And they’re instantly hooked, entering their email address and watching for every online training course coming their way…

And, personally, I don’t like the hype thing, because people will get all revved up with excitement and motivation… for about a couple of days…

…. But what goes up also comes down.

Legit ways to earn money online have to do with creating habits of doing the right thing to get your link to your capture page noticed.  And, the professional marketers out there will tell you about 80% of the stuff you create won’t ever create leads. 

Yet there’s other stuff you’ll be creating that has the potential of going viral.  And, contrary to popular belief, there’s really a science to it – it’s not just dumb luck.

Learning the best way to earn money online takes a lot of time OR a lot of money, or both….

Free marketing strategies are only “free” in the sense that you don’t spend money.  But you DO spend time – a LOT of time.

And, although it’s no unheard of that people can grow their online income to where they’re collecting a full-time income to live on – ALL from free marketing, it IS rare.

money loss

Learning on your own how to pay for traffic means you must have to lose money before you learn what works!

The vast majority of successful online marketers use paid marketing strategies.  Some got their start way before Google ppc clamped down on the industry.  These days pay-per-click costs a fortune.

The bad news is that, even after you pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to advertise, you COULD lose a LOT of money if you don’t know what you’re doing.  Paid advertising is a science that needs to be learned, and professional marketers have paid the price in both dollars and time to learn what sells and what doesn’t.

That is, UP UNTIL NOW…

Now, I’m not here to tell you that you can just push a button and get money without learning anything at all.  Anything that is worth receiving requires a little effort.

But, up until now, online marketers had to spend thousands of dollars trying to find the right paid marketing strategy that works, and practicing on creating the right “ad copy” (WORDS THAT SELL)…

And, of course, knowledge is power and we encourage you to learn the best way to earn money online for YOU.  (There are hundreds of different ways, and we’re all different so what works for one person is not likely to work for another).


email_signups_7-31-14HOWEVER, those of us on this team know that people stop being MOTIVATED within days if they don’t see results right away.  And then what happens?  They QUIT!

Hence, we now have a simple system to start off with that is only ONE WAY to follow and GUARANTEED to make easy money online for you.

My daughter and her partner created this system that ACTUALLY GUARANTEES you’ll make money in the first week when you follow the easy 6 steps outlined in the back office.  (If you don’t make money, they’ll actually PAY YOU $150!)


So just WHAT IS this BRAND-NEW “Make Money Easy Online” System?

I’m actually not really trying to hype you here – just tell you the TRUTH.

Before I used this system, I was getting about 2 leads a day and making about a sale once a month (if that).  And, 90% of my downline quit because – up until now – it just hasn’t been easy.

This week was the first I used the system, and I brought in over 200 leads and signed up 21 new people into my account the first day!  This is a paid marketing strategy, so obviously, I didn’t know what I was doing – but boy does it ever work!

If you’ve been marketing online before, then you know what I mean – you’re probably already entering your email address to learn more about it.

Click this image to discover how we can help YOU!

Click this image to discover how we can help YOU!


If you’ve never made money online and you’re completely new to the idea, this is your best way to earn money online.  Because the truth is, it’s never –EVER – been easier that this new “make money easy online” strategy! 



Check it out here – or just click this image below to get started! === >>>>>>


do the money dance

Click this image to discover the Online Income Guarantee!

facebook logo

Click here to connect with me on Facebook!

Nancy Harnell, EzineArticles Platinum Author
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