Empower Network Product Review: Is “All In” a Bunch of “All Hype”?

So you’ve heard about Empower Network and you can just feel the excitement of everyone around you who’s talking about it… but what the heck is it?

You’ve heard that the commissions pay 100% and that’s all marvelous, but what ARE those “products”?

First, you need to know that there are seven levels – and they all involve the most up-to-date training available online today that is designed to teach you how to market online, as well as how to think like a marketer.

The First level of the Empower Network Products:  The “Viral Blogging System”…

Whether or not you already know how to blog is not an issue, because the platform includes with it the “fast start training”.  This is eight “core commitment” training videos that teach you exactly how to blog and make money with Empower Network OR anything else you wish to promote on your blog.  The cost is $25 a month, and each time you sell it, you’re generating a $25 monthly commission.

Why not just create your own blog with free or low cost hosting?

By comparison, let’s assume you, instead, decide to setup your own blog with WordPress.  That could be cool if you can simply establish a blog and leave it to make money for you.   But you can’t just do that… you need to create content on a regular basis, pay a monthly fee for hosting, and have a techy friend who is willing to help you if suddenly you have technical issues.

And, if you don’t pay much for hosting, you can be sure that your blog will crash as soon as you get to the point where you’re getting a lot of traffic.

And, that’s another issue- getting traffic.  Because Google will rank your blog based on its age and authority.  The “alexa” score is the grade that Google gives your blog that helps determine how it will be ranking in the search engines so people can see your content.  The lower the score, the better the ranking potential.

So this means you can be doing everything right, but because you happen to have a new blog with a new domain name, it won’t be raking in the search engines and nobody will see your site.

But check this…

Your blog with Empower Network will give you IMMEDIATE AUORITY, because the blog already comes with a low Alexa score!  This will save you tons of time and money trying to promote your stuff on a blog nobody’s going to see  (not to mention all the time you would waste trying to get a new blog setup and designed).


It does not matter what you are promoting…. Your blog is instantly popular so you can promote any product or services from soap to consulting.

Don’t know how to do that?  No problem – the new EV2 launch with Empower Network as restructured this product to include nine training videos, teaching you everything you need to know from how to blog to how to market, to how to get traffic to your site.  They even have an exclusive “new member coaching” video that teaches you what to say to new members to guide them in the right direction.  The new “blog from your phone” app will enable you to watch these videos on your lunch hour or wherever you happen to be during the day.

The second level of the Empower Network Products: The “Inner Circle Training”…

What is it?  It’s your very own personal relationship with the industry’s top internet marketing gurus; all supplied on audio MP3 files.

This is really cool because don’t you just hate having to spend valuable time sitting in front of your computer trying to learn the best marketing techniques?

As a woman who started this thing holding down two jobs, I can really relate to anyone who is having a hard time fitting in training.  The Inner Circle makes it completely doable for anyone.  I like to listen when I’m working out, walking the dog, or on my way to work.

And, the inspiration that you get from each 45-60 minute recording will constantly feed your brain with the stuff you need to make the best blog posts!

This gives you a great way to train others, too.  Simply refer your people to the audio recording that best fits their need.

The cost is $100 monthly, and worth it.  As an affiliate member, you sell this once and you start enjoying all this training for free, since it does pay a $100 MONTHLY commission for each time you sell this product.

The third level of the Empower Network products:  The “Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive” Training…

Eleven information packed videos for eleven hours of training – real recordings taken from the original training in Costa Rica by Dave Wood.  The private retreat cost nearly $3000 to attend (I remember nearly fainting when my daughter told me she was going!)

She never has regretted spending that kind of money, because she’s made way over the $3K by now using the strategies taught at the retreat.

But what’s really cool now is that David offers sharing ALL of this information in the form of video so YOU get to have that training for only a one-time fee of $500.

As an affiliate of Empower Network, you only need to buy it once, and you get back the cost of the course, all the other times you’re selling this product you’re making additional commissions!

Level four of the Empower Network Products:  The “$15,000 Per Month Income Formula”

This is your “marketing buffet” of all the online marketing procedures you’ll ever encounter in any online marketing training.  The 24 videos in this section are conducted by professional internet marketers who make a minimum of $200 per hour for their training.

And now, it’s brought to you in the comfort of your home – to watch over and over again at your leisure if you wish.  It’s recently been completely redone to reveal only the most current marketing strategies that work in the industry today.

Of course, you don’t have to adopt ALL the techniques in this “formula” – just find the one that fits your personality and run with it.  The cost is only a one-time fee:  $997, and it pays 100% commissions.  So again, free to you if you sell it only once.  Additional sales mean additional thousands of dollars to you, of course!

The fifth level of Empower Network products is actually something new as of last October: “Viral Blogging Academy”

The VBA was newly added just last October, and it not only is an excellent training product, it is the only additional product you need to obtain the iPAS2 Silver level.  A one-time fee of $297 gets you this product, and you can make $200 per sale as an Empower Network affiliate.  (There are additional commissions to make from the iPAS system itself which helps you sell this product – click here to access a full explanation of exactly how that system works.)

This training product contains ten modules, taking you step-by-step in video form, training you on everything from mindset, to technical aspects of blogging, to how to get traffic to your website.  It’s a great “step-two” to think about getting because there is no monthly fee involved, yet – because this will enable you to be a Silver iPAS member – the possibilities of making money with this product are endless.

Level six of Empower Network Products:  “High Ticket Academy”

This is a brand new product in 2014.  I’ve been listening to this myself each morning before work.  This is also a great mindset tool.  Did you ever notice that people who make the most money actually work LESS than people who make minimum wage?

Here you can get a peek into the lives of the high earning gurus who tell you how they got to their belief levels of making money.  And, with that new mindset belief, they give you full instruction of how to sell high-ticket products.

A one-time fee of $497 gets you this product, so it of course also funnels high commissions to you for selling it.

Those are the basic six Empower Network products.  But if you’re really serious about learning how to market online, there’s more…

Take all the training you just learned from the above six levels and put them all on steroids for some really SERIOUS internet marketing training:  The Empower Network Products Master’s Retreat Training course provides real intensive training for those looking to earn more than $15,000 every month.

The “Masters” course fee is $3500, another one-time only fee and pay $3000 of each sale once you sell it as an affiliate with Empower.

Unlike your average MLM, Empower Network products are designed to allow the little guy to learn to earn just as much as the developer of the program!

You can own all these products and not make a dime with Empower Network, of course, if you’re not an affiliate.

So, you CAN of course choose to simply learn the best techniques of marketing online and start promoting your own stuff…

… OR you can pay the additional $19.95 per month to participate in the “Empower Network compensation plan” and get this…

  • You post and promote whatever you want on your new authority blog
  • You promote the blog posts to rank on the search engines (we teach you how)
  • People find your blog posts to learn more about what you are promoting
  • 15% of the people who visit your posts will click the link to learn more about EN
  • 2-5% of these people will join your team and you earn a 100% monthly commission


Currently there are seven distinct products that you can earn high commissions on, most even at the 100% level. However, YOU must have purchased the products yourself in order to earn a commission on them.

Each product is completely optional and you can elect to work your way up the ladder slowly…

…But be warned… this will SHOCK you…

If you don’t own ALL the products, you’ll wind up GIVING AWAY MONEY to your upline…

Most will elect to upgrade when they get their first email “you just lost a commission”.  I was slow enough to miss out on TWO $500 commissions before I upgraded to the Costa Rica Intensive training.  (I’m just a little slow, LOL!)

Besides, who wants to have to make 400 sales to reach their desired $10,000 monthly income, when you can just make 2 sales by being “all in”?

And there’s more..

The 100% Empower Network compensation plan actually enables you to get “pass-up” commissions, which means residual income to you, whether you decide to roll out of bed, or roll over in bed in the morning!  (I started receiving automatic commission from two levels down in my sixth month with the program.)

And, the new iPAS2 system (Internet Prospect Acceleration System), ready to launch any day now and available now for FREE (click here to learn more), – will actually work to sell the Empower Network products for you!  If you’re reading this prior to launch and the iPAS2 system is still available for free – take advantage NOW before it’s too late!

The iPAS2 Black members actually have coaches that do the calling to new members for them!

Empower has been preaching the “get all in” thing since the get-go, and I used to think…

“Oh, my God, now they want me to buy yet another product – where can I find the money for that?”

But now, after some high ticket training and with the help of the training in the iPAS system, I’m thinking to myself, “WOW, even more potential to bring more money my way!”

For more information on how you can access the FREE iPAS2 system, check out my latest post about the “Blog Beast” which includes changes to the program since the re-launch last October.  You might say it’s just a “no-brainer” to CLICK HERE NOW and get immediate access to free training and access to online team training.  Our team of experienced entrepreneurs now make this system truly a plug-and-play online marketing system!


Don’t Stop Believing! The Real “Magic” Behind the Power of Belief

As she walked out on stage, the music was playing “Don’t Stop Believing“…

I’m not just posting this because I happen to be Angela Moore’s proud Mama (which I am, who can blame me?)..

I’m posting this to inspire those people who have lost belief in themselves.

My daughter has taught me that we all can create magic in our lives when we believe in what we’re doing and focus on the outcome.

I remember when she was six years old and in baton class, when the teacher asked “who can lead the others with this move?” and Angie raised her hand.

Now, in my opinion, she was at the time the worst in the class with two left feet!  I hid my eyes and looked the other way.  But she  believed she could become a successful baton twirler.  Ten years later she found herself ranking second in the National competition!

I’d like to say I encouraged her – but it’s really the belief she had in herself that did it.

And, just like in baton, she was determined to find a way to make big money online and a way to lead others to do the same.  I remember when she was surrounded by negative thinkers – her past boyfriend and roommate – but she remained focused on the outcome she wanted.

Have you ever felt like it’s just no use trying to believe in  yourself because nobody else around you believes in you?  I’m here to tell  you that you can stop using that as an excuse because nobody can hold you back when you believe in yourself!

You can hear Angela’s story herself in this interview where she explains how she attained her first $25,000 week.

But even more important than that, I’m here to tell you that this up and rising star is extremely excited about finding ways to help people around her – people who might not have been born with the gift of believing in themselves.

Did you ever feel like the wind has just been taken out of your sails?

We’re here to get that feeling of inspiration and belief back in you!

I was just talking to her last night and I could feel her excitement as she spoke about all the contests she wants to develop for people to win – not just those contests of who can make the most sales (which of course, it’s usually the people with the highest budget) – but real people with real problems who are trying to make ends meet, yet they have a passion for making a living from home work for them.

I want to have contests that anyone can win, like who can write the most emails“, she proclaimed passionately.

I’m not here to promise you anything…only to testify that when my daughter gets in her head about things she wants to do – she does it!

This new system that she is helping to design – free to you now if you get on this list – it’s going to be a real game changer.

I’ve never put myself into anything before like I’ve put into this system – not baton or anything“, she professed excitedly last night when we spoke last.

I don’t just believe in her and what she’s doing because she’s my daughter.  I believe in her because I know that wild horses can’t hold her back and she gets a headstrong idea - that idea she has now is how she’s going to change the world with this new system!

It’s not too late for you to get on board now and join the movement that will be changing the world. Click here now and watch the video that explains EXACTLY how this system can help anyone who decides to start believing in himself.

When you want to learn how to believe in yourself, this is the best chance you’re ever gonna get to get the help you need.



New Honest Reviews on Empower Network: What is the “Blog Beast”?

Like many others, I wondered, “what is the blog beast?”, so I drove to Orlando for the last event in October to find out more about it, because I was so sure that David Wood would be announcing new reviews on Empower Network – that is, more things to sell, and more ways to make money online.

So what new reviews on Empower Network did I discover that weekend last October?

Much to my surprise, that particular event didn’t explain anything about “what is the blog beast”, and I found out later that the new Empower Network launch did not go at all how they had hoped.

The good news is that I know David and I know that his primary interest is in helping the people of the world…

(My daughter spent time with him personally at his Costa Rica retreat in 2011.)  And yes, there was a new Empower Network product available at the time of the launch in October of 2013 – the “Blog Beast Academy” (now known as the “Viral Blogging Academy”).

I was surprised that they never did raise the price of that $297 product, a 5-webinar video series, because it has expanded with tons more information since I purchased it in the launch of 2013. ..

In my opinion, the Viral Blogging Academy that just launched a few months ago is even more valuable than the “15k Formula”, going for $997.  (That product was originally sold for $250 and the price had risen to $997 with six months.)  This is the reason why I still suspect that the Viral Blogging Academy cost will also be raised within the near future.

And, of course, the event was inspiring to see first-hand all the people who are making money with this thing…

… even the “Wisdom Keepers” – a panel of seniors over the age of 65 – that really inspired me!  It doesn’t help me much to be in close contact with the “big-wigs” making all the money; I know it’s possible – I’ve seen my daughter make over $10,000 in a month!  But seeing the people my age and older up on stage… well, I have to say that put a tear in my eye.

So to really find out what new reviews on Empower Network I can report, I simply stuck it out and continued to watch as the new “blog from your phone” platform continued to evolve…

Of course there were some quirks – just as there always are quirks with anything new.  There were quirks they got over with the initial launch, which only proves all the more how resilient these tough “badass” owners can be as they continue to stand the test of time.
For a complete Empower Network product review, click here visit my blog post that explains the original products.

However, this is intended to give you current reviews on Empower Network since the re-launch of the “Blog Beast” last October…

Once I got over being pissed that there were so many changes in the system for which to accommodate, I realized that many of the changes were for the better.  Here’s a breakdown of what’s changed:

1)  Smart Phone Friendly

The system has been redesigned completely so that it no longer is html compatible like a WordPress blog.  Instead, it’s been completely overhauled to be smart phone friendly, where you can upload videos and blog straight from your phone.  I originally found this annoying, because I just didn’t want to change my html format habits.  (Don’t we all hate change?)  “They’re just being accommodating to all the kids out there with the fanciest cell phones”, I thought.  Then I told myself, “Kids don’t have to have a monopoly on smart phones – they’re accommodating people who are willing to change with the times – and that can be me, too!”

2) A complete overhaul of the billing system.

Initially, there were problems within the system because when they first started, people got paid through PayPal.  This made it practically impossible for Empower to detect when your members decided to stop paying.  I had a guy under me who got a free ride and continued to receive commissions even though he stopped paying me.  Not cool.  So they finally fixed it… now I am the sponsor to the guy under him who has been paying me religiously for the past two years!

3)  New Core Video Series

I believe this is the best change within the system because these videos are extremely valuable – even in the lowest $25 monthly package.  The videos they used to have simply outlined the core steps: (Blog daily, market daily, use the products you sell, participate in weekly calls, listen to audio daily, and attend events).  The overachievers who listened to the training call each week and attended National events every three months usually found success.  But the average person who didn’t want to do this was not getting enough training from being told to read and blog.  Further, the original video series would spend a lot of energies on up-selling to the higher priced products.

Now it’s different.

The first seven videos are still there, but now there are an additional six training videos what actually teach you how to market – step by step.  The instructors in each video are all top earning professionals who make over $50,000 monthly, and they tell you how they do it.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s offered in the extended Empower Network training videos:

1) “Easy Blogin’ Blog Tech” (with Lawrence Tam)
2) How to coach new members
3) “Drivin’ Peeps Dominating Traffic” (with Vick Strizheus)
4) “Makin’ Money Blog Income” (with Justin Verengia)
5) “Say What? Blog Topics” (with Aaron Rashkin)
6) “Get ‘em talking Viral Traffic” (with Dave Sharpe)

Wow, now that I just looked at that long list – I gotta watch those again!

The best part is you can watch them over and over until you feel like you’re a pro yourself.
When I saw this kind of change I thought for sure they’d be hiking the price up – but no, it’s still just $25 month.

And, another thing I really love about it is that they don’t just preach “sell Empower Network” over and over – the examples they use are average businesses that people might want to take online –

…so they teach you how to take your business online – whatever it is!

So, all in all, as much as I thought I hated the Blog Beast when it first came out, I have to admit that I’m now happier with the overall system.  I’m giving you my honest opinion of the Empower Network product review, so you can make the best choice on your own from these honest reviews on Empower Network.  If you want to learn how to make money online, Empower Network is hands down the best way to do it!  Click here to access your first free training video, and prepare to be inspired.

Finding a Career You Love: Is it Still Suggested in Today’s Economy?

Most people are just happy finding a job these days, let alone finding a career you love.  Is it a good idea to even think about following your dream anymore?  Here are some facts to help you decide…

Finding a career you love can be challenging in itself, since most of us don’t even know what we want out of life….

As for me, I figured I loved animals, so my endeavors to find my career interest began with taking a two- year college course to become a veterinary technician – a career I figured I would love, and probably would have, except for one minor detail:  After graduating from my two-year career college, the best job I could land paid $1.65 an hour!

Now, I know that money isn’t everything – but if you wind up in a career that pays a salary you know you can’t live on, then what’s the point?

Now that we have the luxury of the internet, there’s a definite advantage in looking to find out how to know what career to pursue!  Resources such as ‘salary.com’ can give you insights as to what to expect in the way of a paycheck.

My bleak (but true) story above should help you realize that just finding something you like to do isn’t enough these days (or apparently, not even in the 70’s!)….

You need to search for the “outlook” of a job, revealing how long this type of work is anticipated to be available.  I recently heard that 70% of all the career types in the year 2000 were no longer in the running by the year 2010.  Technology and outsourcing has taken over for many of those jobs.  So where does that leave you in regards to finding a career you love?

Finding a career you love – where to start:

Finding a career you love means finding out what your passion lays.  “What passion?” you might say, “I just want to make money doing something you love.”

Ah, but that’s why you don’t want to put the cart before the horse here…

If you don’t know what you truly might be interested in, I encourage you to discover your passion and try out a few things before diving head first into a career.  I’ve heard it said that one method of finding out what you truly want out of life is to think about what you don’t want, and then take the opposite of that.  You might try taking a “life on purpose” test.
Before you skip over this step with the idea that this just might be a waste of time, it might interest you to know that the vast majority of people who have become successful have achieved success because they found something that they truly love to do that makes money!

In fact, here’s a study where they took 1500 to find out who would become millionaires in business and why…

Out of those 1500, 443 dropped out for one reason or another, leaving 1057 in the study.  Out of those people, 83 (7.5%) became millionaires (5.5% out of the original study).

Those 83 people who became millionaires, although very different from each other, all had only one thing in common:  They all were working in a field that they felt passionate about…

They took this study one step further and determined what was the cause of the huge income – was it from saving early and investing in profitable turnaround investments?  Surprisingly, they discovered that 100% of the millionaires received most of their income from actually working in their chosen profession – doing what they love to do!

So if that doesn’t convince you to invest your time in finding a career you love, here’s another story…

A 22 year old woman wanted to make money on the internet, but didn’t have a clue how to do it.  She counselled personally with Joe Vitale, a known internet and personal development professional.  She didn’t know what a blog was, or a domain, and much less html code and other computer lingo.

Joe asked her what she liked to do….

He was surprised to learn that she loved to play the guitar.  Furthermore, she had discovered a way to teach herself how to play.  Joe encouraged her to create her own e-book on “how to teach yourself how to play the guitar” – only her name was a bit more catchy, “Stripped Down Guitar”.

As bleak as some might believe is our probability for making an honest income these days, we actually are extremely fortunate to be living in these times where anyone can sell anything on the internet….

Furthermore, we live in an “information age”, where people are always looking online for more information – and, they’re willing to pay for it!

Long story short, the young got her own domain “strippeddownguitar.com” and began making thousands each month selling this simple little e-book….

It became so popular that she was actually approached by someone wanting to buy distribution rights to the tune of $10,000!  Imagine, not knowing anything about the internet and winding up making $10,000 in a single day from something you sold online!

It happened to her, and it can happen to you….

All you need to start your online income venture is a simple blog.  But wait – how are you going to know what to do with it once you get it?  Isn’t there a learning curve?  Of course there is… as is with any new business you pursue.
You’ll need to learn how to get  your own domain and market your own products online.

The training videos that come with the blogging platform are equipped to teach you exactly how to do that… step by step…

And, in the meantime, if you still don’t know what your passion is or how to find a career you love, you’ll discover that blogging is an ideal way to discover your passion and find your inner self.  When would now be the best time to get started?  When you’re ready, click here to learn more from this free training video.

Aging Gracefully: How to Turn “Over the Hill” into the New Adolescence

Aging gracefully will just come naturally for me, I used to think…

But then I looked in the mirror, and the “victim” side of me saw what I had been avoiding to see for years … and I started to whine, “oh, I wish I would have appreciated my firm body when I had it – now I’ll never get that body back, and my eyes will always have those unsightly wrinkles – my arms are sagging like my mother’s arms used to – I can’t remember everyone’s phone number like I used to – why am I finding my keys in the refrigerator? – I wish I could be 16 again”….

…. And then the wiser part of me interrupted… “Oh, Nancy, shut up!  You don’t want those days back again.  Those were the days of insecurity, of believing you were never pretty enough or smart enough to get that job or that man you wanted, the days of one missed opportunity after the next.  Those were the days you’d cry yourself to sleep over the slightest misfortune; those were the days before you were strong.”

And, I was right.  Even the pictures of myself look better today than the those of the shy insecure teenager.  I might have a few more wrinkles and sagging boobs, but at least I’m not clueless!

This is because aging gracefully has to do with knowing yourself in a way that only comes with experience…

People who find themselves and grow deeper have a tendency to age gracefully because the depth is so incredibly powerful that it doesn’t hold a candle to firm and pretty.  Consider listening to Joni Mitchell’s voice as a mature woman and compare it to the high sweet soprano of her younger years.  Different, yes, but her mature voice has more to it than just reaching lower notes.  There’s an invisible depth to our newer material that helps you feel the emotion.

Aging is inevitable for those of us who are lucky enough to reach those senior years, but aging gracefully has to do with growing deeper as we grow older… and that can only be achieved when you grow to know the inner self.  If you choose the path of least resistance, then you will age by growing and looking older, and you’ll feel the aches and pains that come with age.  But if you choose to see the “birth” of middle age as the new adolescence (only without the pimples and insecurities), then this is the time for you to shine!

Why does aging gracefully have to be something that’s difficult?

We all tend to act in the way we believe others see us, which is to portray the false self.  This type of behavior, when we repeat it year after year, is what we believe we are.  And it’s that false “belief” that destroys us as we get older.

When I was young, I used to say “yes” to doing fun things.  Planning wasn’t necessary, just get a call from a friend, and I’m on my way!  But then as I grew older, I got into the habit of saying “no”, because more responsibilities came into my life.  “No, I have to get back to my daughter who’s waiting for me at home” – “No, I have to get up early for work tomorrow” …

… And the more I continued to say “no”, the more it became a habit.  Aging, for those of us who are lucky enough to do it, is inevitable.  But aging gracefully is only for those who grow to know themselves.

Because, once you get in touch with your inner self and purpose, then is the time you can help others.  You know all those hardships you’ve gone through that you believe has aged you?   You know – the divorce, the substance abuse, your husband’s substance abuse, the verbal and physical abuse you’ve gone though, the lost jobs, the bankruptcy – all of that is a huge asset to you now.  Because look at you – you’ve come out the other side and you’re still standing!

Now is the time to let others know that there’s hope – and hope for the future is all controlled by your thoughts.

What’s the matter?  Don’t believe that you have the power to think away your troubles?  Let me give you an example of something that may have kept you from aging gracefully….

Remember those nights you couldn’t sleep because you were worrying – so focused on your kids and what they might be into – or worrying if your husband who’s late from work is stopping by a bar and getting drunk – or maybe he’s found someone else!  All those thoughts had a tendency to manifest greater problems in your life.

Now that I look back and remember my first husband and how he abused me, my second husband who committed suicide, my bankruptcy, my husband’s loss of work and acquired disability – I realize that it gives me new power to inspire those who might be going through what I’ve survived.

I tell everyone that life is better after 50 – but that’s because I’ve made it better.  I don’t allow those “worry thoughts” (the same as negative meditation) to control my life in a negative way.  Now I use positive thoughts to change the way I look at things.  And you know what?  When I change the way I look at things, the things I look at change!

Now is the time to let your inner self shine and peel away that nasty false self that you used to believe was you!

If you’re still not sure how to find the inner self and discover your passion, you might try what I’ve done and continue to do.  I’ve been able to find my inner passion through blogging and meditation.  Fortunately, I’ve found an online “team” that teaches personal development as well as how to make money online though blogging.

If you’re interested in choosing to age gracefully by growing emotionally with a passion to help others… if you’d rather not take the path of least resistance and simply grow old, then you’ll be interested in watching this inspirational video that shows how people of all walks of life and all ages are coming together to change the world – with team “Be the Change”.  Click here to watch the video and prepare to be inspired!


Screw New Year Resolutions – Give Me Real Change for 2014!

People always make promises to themselves for the coming year… “promises” never kept… so if you ask me about the best New Year resolution, it’s not a “resolution”, but a solid commitment to change…

Statistics show that 95% of people who have made a New Year’s resolution has already broken it by today.  (Watch the video below by Tony Robbins for more information on this.)

Anthony Robbins – New Year Resolutions by ILoveTonyRobbins

Unfortunately, it takes a bit of passion behind your commitment to really enforce change.  This is why many song writers never make it big until they undergo divorce, or something tragic in their life.  Hopefully, you won’t have to take it that far, but I’m hoping my post will inspire the “madness” in you enough to commit to solid positive change for 2014.

So what’s the best New Year Resolution, and what do I mean by “madness”?

Well, this holiday season brought my madness to a head.  Remember the days when people used to give handmade items from the heart for Christmas?  Remember when giving a gift was something we did to express the love of Christ in us by giving from the heart?

It seems like I’ve gotten all too familiar with just “taking gift orders” from my family….

This year it was a Play Station 4 for my husband – So I went to E-bay to “buy now” on the last of the stock that no one had in an store online, paying an extra $200 to get it before Christmas.

Oh, but of course, you can’t just get the console without a $60 game to go with it!  So I paid top dollar again for only Gran Turismo game (and yes, that too was overpriced before Christmas!)…

Naturally, I would up getting the game for the PS3 because they hadn’t even released the PS4 game yet!  But of course, merchants won’t tell you that – they just take your hard earned bucks and make you feel lucky that you have the thing at all.

We found out Christmas day that the game wouldn’t work in the PS4….

The merchant refused to even give me a store credit for this $60 game because the package had been opened.

This is where I decided to stop being a wussy and fight back…

Resolution:   I sold it on E-Bay and got my money back!

And that revealed a whole new side of myself for the coming year…

We live in a selfish, every man for himself world, so it’s time to get tough…

Situation:  My in-laws served the traditional “bad fish” – sushi that had been sitting out for hours with nothing else to eat.
Resolution:  The old wussy me would used to try to get down a piece of the bad fish with a smile.

But the badass me decided to bring homemade prepared food for the party….

I didn’t ask permission, only advised that this was my decision, and I brought a cooler full of food and set it up.  Guests came to me later and told me that my food was the only food they ate, and asked for some to take home.   It feels good to make a statement with actions instead of words!  No need to act angry or bitter. … simply make the situation the way you want it – that’s my new “2014 change”.

Situation:  My husband gets a $50 gift card from his brother, and I get a $10 scarf (this kind of thing has continued to happen for years)…

Resolution:  The old wussy me would have tried to find an outfit that I could wear the scarf with, even though I don’t particular like scarfs.  The new badass me just listed that scarf on E-Bay for sale.

Situation:  We continue to pay $200 a month to our cable provider, and even the movies we watch are interrupted with commercials for more “pay-per-view” movies to they can get even more money!

Resolution:  We found that we can watch movies the PS4 console in high definition and surround sound, and found another provider to buy movies at $80 a year instead.

Situation:  My mortgage payment went up by $138 each month, and last year it went up by $200 a month.

Resolution: The old wussy me just tightened up last year and spit out the extra $200 bucks, falling further behind in bills.

The new badass me will be saving money on the cable bill and making money listing items I don’t need on E-bay.

Furthermore, my online marketing team stands behind me with training available to anyone who decides that this year is the year they want to truly resolve their life!  I’m beginning the year with watching video training that teaches step by step how to market online and put extra cash in your pocket.

The term “resolution” is supposed to mean “resolving” a situation, yet all too often the wussy in us merely gives lip service to the self who continues just going through the steps of the hum drum life.

I say screw New Year resolutions; it’s time for real change!  Who’s with me?

My New Year resolution has to do with speaking with actions and standing up for what I believe in.  If you’re sick and tired of your hum drum life and ready for adventure to lead you to an inspired way of life by living the way you want to live and making money simply by blogging and speaking your heart (like I am here)… just CLICK HERE for more information about how to find real change for 2014.

Weird Brain Tricks for Making Success a Habit: How to Tap into Your Inner Power

Click here to witness weird brain tricks for success!

Click here to witness weird brain tricks for success!

What are the hidden weird brain tricks of successful people?

Did you ever wonder why some people find it so easy to achieve success, yet others work hard their whole life and wind up with nothing to show for it?  Well, contrary to popular belief, it’s really not just “bad luck” if you think you’ve been dealt a losing hand.  If you notice, people who have found success in their lives tend to have a totally different perspective on life…always excited to try new goal setting theories just for fun…  just like you when you learn how to tap into your inner power.

Weird brain tricks are in your subconscious…

Weird brain tricks” are working on us all the time whether or not we’re aware of it.  For example, I recently watched a documentary where they flashed several pictures on the screen so fast that I couldn’t possibly make out what the images were.  Then there was another flash of pictures that, even though flashed at the same speed, I was able to decipher the image!  Why?  Those images were all spiders and snakes, and our subconscious mind pays a higher focus to what we might be afraid of.  (This explains why I’m always able to see cockroaches in my peripheral vision, but can’t ever notice anything else peripherally!)

Weird brain tricks can work on your subconscious to make you happier and more successful

Weird brain tricks can work on your subconscious to make you happier and more successful

So what other weird brain tricks have been working in the background of my mind?

This made me wonder, “Where else might the fear factor have had an influence in my behaviors over the years?”  A younger relative asked me over the holidays what is it that keeps me motivated enough to exercise daily, even on Christmas.  Now that I think about it, I remember reading an article in my late 20’s that stated no body over the age of 30 who refuses to exercise can keep from losing muscle tone due to age on a regular basis.  That was enough to keep me motivated… just that fear that someday I would wind up not being able to walk or move easily simply because I don’t exercise!

Use weird brain tricks to exercise your mind to be as fit as your body

Use weird brain tricks to exercise your mind to be as fit as your body

Unfortunately, no one ever told me that if I don’t continue to grow intellectually, then the same is true for my brain.  I had to reach the age of 58 before I started turning myself around intellectually and emotionally by reading and listening to personal development audios.  If someone had shown me at the age of 25 how I would wind up living paycheck to paycheck my entire life until I decided to work on my own personal development, I might have listened!

So having said that, there actually is a way that YOU can actually reprogram your brain for success using weird brain tricks…

The good news is that it’s never too late to work on yourself.  I didn’t start this technique until my late 50′s, and I’m finding myself much happier and more self confident within months.  Personal development is a journey, and you get to witness yourself evolving into a better person as you go along.  The thing to remember here is that it’s not about comparing yourself to anyone else.  That will drive you into a spiral downturn headed for disaster!  Just as with exercise and noticing differences in your body, allow your own progress to be the motivator.
Take notice in the little differences in your personal development, and celebrate your success, no matter how miniscule it might seem.  Once you can get to the place where you’re witnessing your own success on a regular basis, an avalanche of success starts rolling your way!

So exactly what “weird brain tricks” am I talking about here?

Your mind is like a computer that stores whatever information you “download”.  They say your income is generally equal to the average income of six of your best friends.  Therefore, it stands to reason that when you hang around successful people, that success tends to “rub off”.  That’s the kind of weird brain tricks that most successful people undergo without even realizing it.  They just hang around successful people all the time.

But how can you hang around successful people when all your friends are penny pinchers?

That’s where the “weird brain trick” technique described in this video comes in handy.  You don’t even need extra time in your day to do it, because it’s something that can be done in your downtime.   Click here to learn how to reprogram your brain to be happier, have more influence and make more money with this powerful technique.  Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to learn how to tap into your inner power that was there all along?

Goal Setting Theory: Proven Techniques for Financial Goal Setting

The goal setting theory is whatever the mind can "believe"...

The goal setting theory is whatever the mind can "believe"...


You might have already heard about the goal setting theory of visualization.  And, this technique actually has been proven to work with athletes who practice achieving their goals only in their mind, and their results improve every time.

As Napoleon Hill said, “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

But what about the goal setting theory for financial goal setting?

Why does this system sometimes work for some but not others?  Actually, there are three reasons why this might not work for you:

1)       Incongruences.

Your mind will not allow you to succeed any further than your self-image permits.  Compare your goal of making $5000 per month online with the successful athlete who practices pitching in his mind.  The difference here is that the athlete in the above illustration already sees himself as a pitcher.  He identifies with himself as a pitcher, and if someone were to ask him what he does, he’d say “I’m a pitcher”.


Now, ask yourself honestly, if someone asked you what you do, even though  you might be working diligently towards that $5000 monthly online income goal, how would you answer?  However you identify yourself when someone asks what you do is what you believe yourself to be.


2)       Inaccuracies.

When you set a goal, you must see an accurate picture of what you believe to be possible.  For example, if you’re goal is “I want to make money online”, that’s not specific enough.  Even the goal, “I want to make $5000 monthly online” really isn’t enough.  It has to have real feeling in it.  Money, in itself, if  not reason enough for anyone to focus hard enough to achieve success in financial goal setting.  It has to be more like “I will make $5000 monthly, quit my job, work only two hours a day from home and enjoy sailing daily”.

Put some life into your goal so you can have a reward for yourself.  I don’t know about you, but every time I get a raise, I hardly feel it because the money just seems to evaporate just as fast as it always did.  This is why you need to set a goal with a real reward with something you know you love.


3)       Inconsistencies.

Sometimes goals are “forced” upon us, even though it’s not our idea for the goal to be set.  I remember living with my parents when they always wanted me to lose weight and my Mom decided when I was going to go on a diet.  Her ideas, of course, were entirely inconsistent with what I wanted.  Sure, I wanted to lose weight, but I also loved to eat and it was only when I decided to go on a diet for myself and it was MY idea that it ever worked.  Similar goals are set for employees with the hopes of creating a sense of competition and morale, yet many fall short of their goals because it’s really not their idea in the first place and their heart isn’t behind it.

Furthermore, as I mentioned above, no matter what the goal is or who sets it, it is entirely unachievable if it is above and beyond what the self-image can accept.

So what do you do when your self- image gets in the way of your goal setting theory for achieving success?

"To Be" Goal Setting Theory

"To Be" Goal Setting Theory

The trick is to not visualize the “get” goal.  Instead, visualize the “be” goal.  No matter what you desire is to achieve, imagine what kind of person would most likely achieve that kind of success.

For example, if you’re a shy wallflower who wants to learn how to make money online, take a look at the people who are actually succeeding and study their actions.  These are the goal setting actions you will need to visualize.  Envision yourself acting like these people. Set your goal setting actions to strengthen your skills to be more like theirs.

Goal setting theory for achieving the goal “to be”….

Engage in activities that will push you past your comfort zone enough to stretch you to become the person you believe can achieve that kind of financial success.

Our team teaches personal development like this goal setting theory!

Our team teaches personal development like this goal setting theory!


Once you believe that kind of person is you, then you’re ready to envision the outcome.

Many people on my team have used this goal setting theory to learn how to make money online.  Some without any online experience whatsoever have become successful within months! Click here to learn more about how our team of online entrepreneurs can help you!


How to Attract Traffic to Your Blog without Going Broke

How to attract traffic to your blog (click here and learn)

How to attract traffic to your blog (click here and learn)

How to attract traffic to your blog if you’re brand new…

When we first start out to start a blog and make money, the common thinking is that you simply, blog, tell others, and get money.  While this is true, the most common mistake people make is they tend to ignore the “tell others” part.

I used to think that the only want to increase visitors to blog was to get the blog to rank on the first page of Google.  A couple of years ago this wasn’t so difficult to do with a few tools.  However, since the Google algorhythim changed, you now really need to be an excellent marketer with the best content on the web in order to achieve this task.

Getting videos to rank on Google is not as difficult, since YouTube has an Alexa score of 3 (third most popular site on the internet)… this this particular post is about how to attract traffic to your blog.

What I didn’t know a couple of years ago that the art of knowing how to attract traffic to your blog is much more involved than just ranking on Google…

For example, Facebook is also extremely high trafficked – just as much as YouTube – and there are plenty of people there who can be found as targeted traffic.  I used to think that Facebook was just for kids – find out who’s hooking up with whom and who’s going to the prom.  I didn’t realize that even people my age are on Facebook, and they join groups that depict what they’re interested in!

So you can literally join groups where you can find people who are interested in what you have to offer – anything from toy cars to weight loss products.  And the smaller the niche, the better.  In other words, the more specific you can find your group (or ever make your own), the more likely you will have visitors

Why do you want targeted leads?  Because you can’t sell steak to a vegetarian.  If you’ve ever been in network marketing and have found difficultly persuading your friends and relatives to buy your stuff, you know what I mean.  The internet is a marketer’s dream because now you have the tools to reach out to people who are actually interested in what you have to offer!

How to attract traffic to your blog with Facebook…

Learn how to attract traffic to your blog with Facebook

Learn how to attract traffic to your blog with Facebook

Simply put your post on Facebook and share into various groups.  If you can get two leads from sharing with 50 groups, then then that means you could get four leads from sharing with 100 groups.  Turn that into 500 groups – and you’re looking at free website traffic!

But isn’t that time consuming – joining all those groups and then spending hours each day sharing content?  I have a new method for you that not many people are using that I’m willing to share with you for free – watch this video on how to attract traffic to your blog for more details.

I’m here to help you – as a member of my team, when you succeed, so do I – so message me below and let me have your thoughts!


Right Brain Thinking: The Secret of Success?

What does “right brain thinking mean, and is it good?

right brain thinking

I'm now realizing the advantages of right brain thinking

I never knew I was on the creative side (even a little) until I took the left brain right brain quiz.

Additionally, I used to think that it was good to be left-brained – that is, logical, analytical, cautious and always thinking things through.  And why would that be a bad thing?

At a minimum, perhaps; but mostly left-brained, it’s really not.  It’s good to have booth feet firmly on the ground and be able to analyze your problems in a realistic way.  The problem is, however, that we tend to be so “up to our butt in alligators” that we forget that that the original objective was to drain the swamp.

So what makes right brain thinking better?

It’s the right-brained creative people who tend to see the big picture, never losing focus on the outcome.  And, if you read anything about what generates success, it all begins with focusing on an outcome.

People like Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and others like them all had one thing in common:  they KNEW their outcome…. Didn’t know how they were going to get there, exactly, but that didn’t matter.

right brain thinking

Einstein was proven to be a right brain thinker and rebellious in his day


Incidentally, all of the above people used to be a bit rebellious in their younger years (some even carried that attitude through adult years.)  My own daughter was rebellious as a kid – now she’s a successful online marketer making over $10,000 monthly!  (Click here to access my personal video about this.)

Left brained people need to know how they’re going to get there.  Those of us who are left-brained need to stay aware that those “alligators” just might keep us from achieve our dreams, because we tend to get too caught up in the “how” which is really the backwards way of achieving success.

So how can right brain thinking help you achieve success?

The real secret of success dictates to start off with knowing the outcome, along with knowing “why” that outcome is mandatory to achieve.  I once heard an analogy of trying to balance a pencil on your finger… focus on the bottom where you’re losing control, and you’ll never get there.  But focus on the top, and you’re sure to achieve your goal!

If you want to find out how much “right-brained” you are, just click here to take a 10 minute “left brain right brain test” …

I found out that I’m now leaning more towards right brain thinking, even though I’ve been working in a left brain field all my life AND studies show that usually people come to favor their left brain more as they get older.  (Much of this is due to being stressed over time, as the right brain has a tendency to be held back when relaxation is not a part of daily living.)

Blogging is a great brain exercise to stimulate your right brain

Blogging is a great brain exercise to stimulate your right brain


How am I becoming more of a right brain thinker after working administration and number crunching all my life?  I’m finding that the best “right brain exercises” have to do with blogging, which not only enables me to find my passion, but it really is a great right-brain exercise to trigger more creativeness and focus.


Would you like to learn more about a system that teaches personal development and online marketing so you can actually make money while you’re working on yourself?  Our online team of professional entrepreneurs teaches these things, as well as how to  use the Law of Attraction to attract prospects to come to you… no phoning or trying to convince people to buy – just keep working on yourself and the leads come your way!  Click here for more information about this system.


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