How to Advertise for Free: Easy Internet Marketing Plan for Beginners

Why learn how to advertise for free?

free online advertising_3-10-15The experts will tell you that paying for leads is the fastest way to success.  You just track, and tweak your ads – then scale up.  They make it sound SO easy!

Looking for free ways to promote your business has always been a passion of mine since I discovered that the money I was spending on pay-per-click ads through Facebook far exceeded my best day of internet sales income.

Has that ever happened to you?  You know, you take out an ad, tweak it to death to make sure it’s hitting the right target market; you get discouraged that it’s not converting, so you lose interest.  Oh, but then, oops!  You discover you had forgotten to take it down!

When that happened to me, I found my credit card $250 over the limit!

That’s when I decided that maybe finding new innovative ways on how to advertise for free would be my next mission in life.

How to Advertise for Free by Blogging…

Learn how to advertise your business online (click here)

Learn how to advertise your business online (click here)

Have you ever tried blogging?

When I first started blogging, I was told, “just blog daily and eventually your stuff will be seen”.  Yeah, right.

People DO tend to buy stuff from your blog once they know, like and trust you.  And, admittedly, a blog is a good way to get people to learn to know you so they can feel the trust you enough to buy.

However, having said that, if you don’t through a butt-load of back links, videos and social media liking your blog post, doesn’t matter how great it is – most of what you write will never be seen.

Admittedly, you’re reading a blog right now, so yeah, I admit, I like to write.  But there’s SO MUCH TIME involved with blogging daily, and when I took into consideration the few people who might even read my post, well, my mission was to find an easier way.


The New Internet Marketing Plan for How to Advertise for Free…

promote your business_3-10-15So let’s think about this for a minute.  What EXACTLY is it that you need when promoting your business? 


Well for starters, you need leads.  When I first started marketing, I spent so much money on pay-per-click ads and buying leads that my advertising expense far exceeded my online income!

And, that is definitely NOT the way of making money on the internet!  “It’s all a learning experience”, they say.  “It’s costing you less than a college education”.  Maybe so.  But as for me, I’d rather make SURE I KNOW what I’ll be spending and EXACTLY what I’m getting for it.

Therefore, as far as getting the leads – I do recommend the $27 monthly fee on this service where you can purchase fresh, pre-qualified home business leads on a daily basis, AND get paid for promoting the same business.  Just a few people in your downline here, and you’ve got FREE LEADS!  I’m already getting a minimum of 5 leads daily from a package I purchased just yesterday.

 “But wait”, you say.  “I thought you were gonna tell me about how to advertise FOR FREE!”

OK, OK, listen up – there’s more.

If you use the QUALITY LEAD SERVICE inside the “My Advertising Pays” site, the two can actually promote each other.

Oh, guess I need to explain the second one – it’s actually a way of making money on the internet WITHOUT RECRUITING!

The thing about” My Advertising Pays” (MAP) is, you can JOIN FOR FREE! In fact, there is a 95% retention rate with this company!  Why?  Because you can not only join for free – you can stay in for free!

Of course, you can’t join and do nothing and expect to make money.  The “free advertising” comes from the “profit share” packages.  Bottom line, you purchase advertising through the system for $50, and, over time (usually about 60 days), you’ll get $60 back.  Since this new rising company is growing in popularity, the profit share income is starting to come in faster now, and many people are actually making money ONLY by purchasing the shares and reinvesting.

But as for “how to advertise for free” – simply put your ad in the system and your share purchase will pay for 550 regular credits and 10 boosters.  Regular credits guarantee your ad will be viewed for 10 seconds; boosters guarantee your ad will run for 30 seconds when people click on your link.

And, since you’re actually getting money back for advertising your own business, well, I guess you could say that you could be in the black with booth these systems very easily while you’re taking advantage of free ways to promote your business.

This training video explains how it works.

This post is targeted for beginners because I have a mission to help people succeed in their home business by warning them about spending all their money on advertising with links and websites built by an amateur.  Advertising is a NECESSARY part of business, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can lose your entire budget and send your business for a crash and burn in no time.  As you can see, there are easier ways!

And, as a newbie, you won’t even have to learn an email response system, because everything is taken care of inside the this system.  I no longer have to pay $30 monthly just for an autoresponse system – and I no longer have to create emails every day – because the system does it for me! It does everything for you, leads + auto-response all inclusive on one package!

I would truly say that this is the best way to earn money online because now all your bases are covered – you have your leads, a way to advertise, a way to follow up, and a system that WILL PAY OUT EVEN IF YOU NEVER RECRUIT ANYONE in your downline.  This is truly an ingenious internet marketing plan!

How to Deal with Stress: Causes, Symptoms, and Natural Remedies

People have been searching more on how to deal with stress in the 21st century than ever before.  Yet, if you stop to think about it, what is this thing called “stress”?

How to deal with stress – what is it?

how to deal with stressYou can’t touch it or hold it, you can’t pick it up, and yet people everywhere are staying “I just can’t get rid of this stress in my life!”

The biggest misconception is that your environment is CAUSING you stress.  The fact is you are stressed because of the way you’re communicating with yourself.

For example, take my boss (no really, TAKE him away – LOL) – I used to think he was the cause of my stress.  At one point he had paid for my cell phone account as a “raise” – but when things became tough in the business, that “raise” was taken away!  Of course, I called him every name in the book in my mind….

But I only noticed my blood pressure going up even more.  And, not only that – other “stressful” things seemed to be apparent everywhere!  For example, my boss seemed to be more impossible to deal with each day – getting on me for every little thing – where years before he never had acted that way!

And another example, our once well-adjusted and sweet cat had become neurotic.  Someone mentioned to me that cats have a way of tuning into our stress and manifesting more.  I believe it!  I see now that our precious “Gandalf” is a red flag of how I was NOT reducing anxiety in my life.

How to deal with stress – what causes it?

how to deal with stress

Stop focusing on what could go wrong – only the proper focus can serve your well-being!

That “stress” in my life is really only me thinking negative thoughts.  I started listening more to Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret”, and realized right then and there that I was causing my own stress!

Particularly if you’re mad at something or someone, you need to let this feeling go.  Every day last week I spent the first hour of each day complaining to my colleagues about my jerk boss (and they agreed, of course)… but did this effect the boss or make life any easier at the office?  NO!

In fact, things got worse, because all of my negative energy, combined with my colleagues, actually caused more bad stuff, which caused even more reasons to be stressed!

And, so I had a reason to be stressed… so what!  My boss went on his merry way singing and loving what he was doing – while I was feeling my blood boil.  Bottom line… the complaining I did about him was a root cause of how the situation was affecting me!

How to deal with stress – natural remedies:

how to deal with stressMy personal belief is that everyone should look for natural ways to relieve anxiety.  And, in my search for natural remedies, I’m finding out that I was actually the cause of my own stress in more ways than one.

Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals and fiber to keep your body in good condition.  They also contain potassium, which helps balance out negative effects of salt.  Of course, everyone knows that lowering your salt intake has a direct result on your blood pressure.

Professionals tells us that, in order to lower your blood pressure, you should eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day (one serving equals 80 grams, or about the size of your fist.)

When I made the decision to change my eating habits, I felt happier with a better sense of well-being and my blood pressure was considerably lower.  Don’t like vegetables?  There is an easier way here.

 Another natural stress reliever is meditation. Take about 10 minutes out in the middle of your day and concentrate on being relaxed.  There’s actually a free smart phone app called “calm” that you can use to help you.  Even if you’re not medicating, pay attention to your breathing. You’ll notice that when you’re stressed, your breathing is rapid and shallow. 

Any medication exercise begins with purposefully breathing deep and slow – in through the nose and out through the mouth.  Actually, your brain is wired to follow all of your physiology…

For example, do you want to feel happy?  Then smile!  Do you want feel calm?  Then breathe slowly!  Do you want to feel energetic?  Then do some jumping jacks!  Although an elementary concept, the fact is that when you ACT like you’re feeling a certain way, the brain follows along and beings to believe it.

That’s why professionals recommend setting aside at least ten minutes out of every day – twice a day if you can – and MAKE yourself relax!

For more information on how to trick your brain into becoming who you want to be, check out this page


The “Don’t Want” Epidemic Based on the Secret Law of Attraction

secret law of attraction

It’s important to make sure your thoughts are in alignment with what you REALLY WANT!

Have you ever wondered WHY that “secret law of attraction” isn’t working for you? 

It really all stems from some simple laws of human nature…

The fact is that we are ultimately consumed with a survival instinct…

For example, if you and I were walking along and we saw a newspaper with a headline, “Sunny Beautiful Days Ahead”… we’d probably just smile and keep on walking. 

However, if that headline were to say, “Big Storm Coming” – and, assuming that was relevant to our local area, well, we’d probably have to buy that paper!  Because it’s a matter of what we NEED – and that supersedes what we think we want.

And there’s a reason for that.  We are all hardwired to BE AWARE of things that might hurt us – so we can survive.  We would buy that paper out of NEED to be prepared to stay safe in the event of a storm.

Now let’s think about the other things in our lives that we CONSTANTLY think about to keep us “safe”.  How often are we reviewing our bills and thinking about our debt?  How often are we thinking about what we need to do to keep from getting sick?  We worry about sitting next to the guy on the plane who’s coughing, we worry about how to come up with the funds to pay our bills, we worry about how that newer younger employee who seems to have it all together can replace us… worry, worry, worry.

Hence, we are, in effect, allowing that secret law of attraction to work against us!

We’ve all heard about the extraordinary power of meditation.  But, when you think about it, worry is really negative medication!  It’s putting all your thoughts, emotions and feelings into the worst possible outcome!

Of course, we can’t all live in a marshmallow world and hide our heads in the sand.  We need to protect ourselves.  But there’s a fine balance of protecting yourself and staying positive.

How can you turn that “don’t want” epidemic towards working in your favor with the secret law of attraction?

Face your issues head on – accept them, and adopt a plan to make you feel comfortable.  Adopt a budget or a health and wellness strategy that works for you and stick with it, and keep you focus on the outcome – as if you have it already.

How to use the secret law of attraction in your favor…the secret law of attraction

As mentioned above, people are drawn to negativity.  We stop and look when we see an accident on the road.  Our current news media is constantly blasting about what our politicians did wrong – and we listen. 

Why is the media blasting all that negativity?

Because that’s what SELLS!  (Remember the “Big Storm Coming” newspaper mentioned above?)

Now, imagine if you picked up that newspaper, read it, discovered what you could do to prepare, and then discovered another way to make sure you would never have to worry about another storm again. 

Obviously, somebody’s getting rich by milking the “don’t want epidemic” out of us.  Why not let it be you?  You’re reading this because you thought learning about the “don’t want epidemic” was more interesting than hearing that age old “secret law of attraction” thing again – telling you – yet again – that you can have, be, or do anything you want. 

And, you can.  But that’s NOT what you were attracted it, was it?  You wanted to find out about that negative thing. 

 So, when it comes to marketing, get your readers’ attention by announcing the negative, and then make them happy but turning that negative into a positive outcome.  And, let the secret law of attraction work in your favor by allowing your reader to know the negative parts of you, and how you were able to turn them to positive.

 Learn more about the law of attraction and related subjects here.



Residual Income Formula in Defiance of the “Myth”

residual income formulaYou’ve probably heard it before…

“Just get two, and those people will get two”…

Yeah, right.  That’s the “residual income myth”.

Actually, back in the 1980’s that used to work.

When you were introduced to the stable MLM industry back then, did you think to yourself, “I wonder what else there might be out there that will get me even more commissions?”

Did you think to yourself, “What kind of scam is this thing?”

No.  You probably looked at the residual compensation plan and thought, “I’m gonna be rich beyond belief!”  And, you did what your sponsor told you to do – and the retention rate back in those days was much higher.

But now, with the internet, things are different.  The first thing people do is go to Google and type in “company name scam”.  And, no doubt, there will be results.  This is because A LOT of people actually trying to sell this same product will put advertisements out there hoping to get the attention of people wondering if this thing is for them – and then they snatch that potential sale away from you!


The purpose of this post is to provide you with the “new residual income formula”…

Even the best companies out there these days have only a 16% retention rate.

And, did you know that the network marketing industry has 200,000 new companies being created EVERY YEAR?

Now imagine ALL those companies flashing their “new free offer” in front of your new customer all over Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, EVERYWHERE!

Even the most loyal customer who’s not even looking for something else will no doubt be coerced into investing in something different.

OMG – is it hopeless?     :cry: 

ACTUALLY, NO, when you watch this LIVE hangout, you will learn the truth, and how you can STILL be successful with your residual income business in today’s “cyber world”


The new residual income formula has to do with numbers…

If we understand HOW, we can actually let the internet work in our favor.

Here’s the thing about how to build residual income online…

Most people, when just starting a residual income business, think about how many people they would  need to sign up to get the income they desire…. “If I sign up 400, and I’m getting $25 a month from each one, then I would need 200 people on my downline and I’m home free with my $5000 monthly income!  THEN I can sit back and enjoy life!”

But then reality sets in.  It just doesn’t work out that way.  People start quitting, and you weren’t prepared for this.  It feels like you’re trying to fill a leaking bucket.  So you get discouraged.  And you quit.

That’s the bleak reality for most of us who do not have the tenacity for building residual income.

The online residual income formula …

You REALLY need to base your figures on what YOU can produce – without a second thought about what you’ll be getting from your downline.

And, the good news is that, if you think this way, the example you set for your downline is contagious.  When you start producing, and when you share your results and how you did it with others, then you begin to reap the benefits of the residual income business commissions from downline’s production.

But think about the passive income streams coming from your downline as the icing on the cake.


And YOUR residual income formula? 

Begin with KNOWING the amount you need as monthly income.  Online marketing is all about numbers – it’s all about how many clicks get how many leads – and that gets how many sales – and how many will stay, how many will leave, and how many will upgrade.






How Do Blogs Make Money? The Truth Revealed

can you make money bloggingIf you’ve ever tried to market online and perhaps you’ve wonder, “how to blogs make money”… because YOU’RE getting nowhere,  it’s not your fault!

I used to think that blogging could make me money on the internet.


And, after four years, I’ve discovered the truth…

So exactly how DO blogs make money?

People DO BUY stuff from your blog… AFTER you have made a name for yourself and after they know, like and trust you…

So, once I’m rich and famous, I’m sure people will simply go to Google and type in “Nancy Harnell”, and then they’ll see my blog!


But, OK, I’ll stop the dreaming for the time being to reveal to you the REAL truth about blogging.

The reason why people all over the world are wondering, “how DO blogs make money” is because, as a rule, they don’t, unless used with a LOT of other tools…

The thing is, when you’re goal is making money from home, how in the heck are you supposed to get people to want to read your blog in the first place?

Ah… that’s the dilemma!

See, with internet marketing, it’s really all about the numbers…

20-25% of the people who click on your link will put in their email address and become your lead.  You can and SHOULD by the way follow up with your leads to allow them to warm up to you.  And, of course, if you do that, these numbers will increase.

But getting back to why you’re here – how to blogs make money?

So where exactly does blogging come in?

I use my blog as a tool to get back to my interested leads.  When someone on Facebook messages me and asks me about the program, I just send a link to my blog.

When I create an email to go out, I send a link to my blog.  This creates more interaction and more possibilities for people to like and share your posts.

But in reality, the blog alone does NOT depict way to make real money online.

If you notice, anyone out there who’s bringing in big cash on a regular basis participates in paid marketing strategies.

However, when you’re first starting out to make money online,  it’s not advisable to dive into paid marketing because it’s just ALL TOO EASY to lose everything you’ve got!

How Email Marketing Works: Let’s Cut Through the Crap

Have you ever signed onto someone’s email marketing list and then get BOMBARDED with what looks like phony emails?

There’s a reason for that …

Suppose you were just starting out in a new internet marketing business, but you didn’t know the first thing about marketing.  Then you stumble upon a system that guarantees you “pre-written” emails. “Just plug in”, they say.  You’d probably be attracted to that kind of service, right?

“This is how email marketing works”… they say…

I know I was.  But here’s the problem with that:  Those pre-written emails don’t have anything to do with YOU.  Email marketing 2014 needs to be more “real”.  If you notice, more and more people are tuning into reality shows – they just want to know what’s real.  So many people online look so phony that people actually email them asking them if they’re real!

spam emailSure, they might have been written by “experts” in internet marketing – however, as we progress to leaders in the internet marketing field, we are always changing.

In that leader’s mind, $10,000 a month is chicken-feed.  So he’s likely to be saying things like “I’ve been all over the world and met with hundreds of successful online marketers and I know the secret of how to break through to $10K a month”.

Yeah, right.

Sure, might be true for the guy who wrote it.  But he has a totally different perspective than someone who is brand-new to internet marketing.  But marketing strategies that work reflect the real human inside.

Now suppose that you have an email like that scheduled to go out each day – all of which misrepresent YOU.  Now you just got your first signup and you’re proud of it – so you decide to create an email blast.

See the disconnect?

The biggest problem with learning how email marketing works is that too much is “done for you”…

This is because the biggest hurdle with attaining successful internet marketing is staying congruent.  For example, when someone clicks on your link, they are lead to a sales page that you have already prepared them for.  That sales page SHOULD give provide them some information PERTINENT to what they were looking for in the first place.

The reality is that when I “plugged in” to all those pre-written emails, my open rates went way down… and I’m STILL trying to build my own brand back!

Bottom line, when people join your business, they join YOU.  And, you’d be attracting WAY more followers to say something like “I’ve never marketed online before, but when I plugged into this system and let them do the marketing for me, I got 21 new signups my first week.” 

It’s powerful to take screen shots of your own success (you can do that by downloading “Jing” for free).

People see real results and they know you’re real.  When you can admit to your faults, people are drawn to you because they know they have faults, too.  Of course, behind every fault is also a success that you announce.

Another trick for how email marketing works…effective email marketing

If you have a blog or YouTube video – something that helps brand you as a marketer, email your list with links to your own personal information. 

It’s best, of course, if you can prove your results in video or on a blog with real screen capture results.  Also, if you insert the image of the video in your email body, and then click on it and attach to the URL link of your blog or video, that will entice more people to click on your link.  This is because a greater percentage of the population is “visual”- meaning they respond to visual ques.

Obviously, the “marketing strategy 2014” now reflects the real person – so take the time to create your own emails – it will pay off in the end.

For example, some people now reply to my emails with questions, were we have since connected as Facebook friends where I can help them more.  I’m so happy that I no longer need to “act” like a successful marketer – because marketing strategies that work these days can reflect the real me.


How to Earn from Website: Paid vs Free Traffic Strategies

how to earn from website

Click this image to discover how you can get guaranteed website traffic

If you could invest $1 into paid traffic and KNOW FOR A FACT that you would be getting back $2.00, would you do it?

Of course you would!  But how can you BE SURE that it will turn over a profit?

Awh, the dilemma with making money online!

There’s really more to learning how to earn from website than meets the eye…

There’s a LOT of variables to consider that factor in whether or not your investment in traffic will turn into money in your pocket.

For example, my daughter who decided to NEVER GIVE UP no matter what – LOST $45,000 investing in paid strategies until she found what works.  And that wasn’t even all paid strategies!

Much of her income was spent ranking videos – you know… one of the “free” marketing strategies.  The thing is, you can put a video up on YouTube and believe it’s “out there” for “everyone” to see, but if it’s not ranking on the first page of Google, YouTube or other search engines, well, you can just forget about it making money for you.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t use YouTube…

The fact remains that video marketing is the easiest and fastest way for how to earn from website…

how to earn from website

YouTube is the best “free” marketing strategy

This is because YouTube has an Alexa rating of 3 – which means it’s the third most popular site on Google.  Ranking YouTube videos is way easier (or I should say closer to possible) than ranking a blog post.  YouTube takes the lead in domain age and popularity already – so all you need to do is make sure it’s relevant. 

What do I mean by “relevant”?  The “Google Bug” looks at basically two things to assess where your link will be on the internet…. Popularity and relevancy.  Relevant means that, whatever your keyword is, make sure that it’s in the title and description, word for word. 

For example, in this article, my keyword phase “how to earn from website” is in the title, and several sub titles within the body.  That’s making it relevant.  If I were to create a video, I might start out, “If you’re watching this video, you’re probably looking for instructions on how to generate money online”.

So now it’s relevant, but in order to make it rank on Google, it has to be popular.  While the popularity of YouTube gives you a good head start, it doesn’t do the work for you.

That’s where my daughter wound up spending thousands each month on paying SEO specialists to send quality backlinks to her videos.  And they did rank.  And she did make THOUSANDS from her website. 

However, we need to look at the whole picture here.  If you’re spending $2000 a month to bring in $1500 – that’s not really making money, now is it?

Hence, the problem with learn how to earn from website when you’re new to internet marketing…

Up until now, I’ve never been a strong advocate of paid traffic because it’s just ALL TOO EASY to LOSE YOUR ENTIRE MARKETING BUDGET in the first month of trying.

Building your own business demands risks; there’s no doubt about that. 

But if you’re looking for ways to make real money online, try to take as little risk as possible in the beginning.

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